Congress has ability, Vision & all regions base to set right the JK Turbulence: Ashok Bhan

Jammu October 26:(KNS) Speaking through a webinar Senior Advocate & AICC leader Ashok Bhan has said that It was the futurist vision of Indian National Congress Leadership led by Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru -that JK State is an integral part of Union Of India. Unfortunately for last three decades JK is going through its phase of Political turbulence inflected by Pakistan.People of JK consciously decided acced to India and rejected Pakistan.
Currently the affairs of JK are in utmost mess driven by the failings of the current ruling dispensation.JK is under LG rule. Need for party independent policy becomes imperative for Union of India to deal with Kashmir affairs.
The LG,Sh.Manoj Sinha, known to be a seasoned Politician by now must have understood the complex political challenges in Jammu & Kashmir situation,-He is at least expected to create and facilitate a democratic political space for moderate political narrative to flourish in highly surcharged polarised Jammu & Kashmir. It is unwise not leave any space or room for the Kashmiri leadership to exert a moderating influence that could prevent youngsters from taking up the gun,a major politico-Security challenge.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir are undergoing colossal trials and tribulations for last three decades.Pakistan had a vicious design, which still persists and together with China, Pakistan wants to keep India on a two horn dilemma.But People have always blunted Pakistan’s nefarious design in past and have rejected it now.There is huge realism in the society and Kashmir’s aspiring young generation that India is the best option and is the land of opportunities.

Congress Party is the only party that has the vision,ability,experience and all regions trust& socio-Political base,to set an inclusive futuristic progressive economic and political agenda,promote regional unity,intra communities trust and confidence get Jammu & Kashmir out of the current turbulence.There is a dire need for Wining the hearts & minds of common people to fight and blunt the ongoing proxy war inflicted by Pakistan.Congress Party is committed to promote and Strengthen the idea of plural democratic India in Jammu & Kashmir.

The changing character of the insurgency/militancy is a serious warning signal that an urgent policy correction at all levels of governance, and a strategic shift, is urgently needed to prevent escalation and further radicalisation.Now Pakistan-China axis is emerging as a serious challenge not only in Jammu & Kashmir but to the sovereignty of the Country, as such the policy correction is an imperative necessity.

The government should acknowledge that use of military force is not a solution to the complex situation of Kashmir. It is the psychological, attitudinal, social, political and economic grievances that need to be addressed. Therefore, the government should worry more about winning back the trust of the people to win war against Pakistan’s proxy war and let the terrorism be handled by the security forces professionally.

Ruling dispensation at centre would be well advised -to deal with Kashmir situation with Party independent agenda in the national interests.Country’s strategic interests lay in the people’s goodwill and support and not in land alone.(KNS) 

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