Congress demands roll back of changes in land use Policy

Says disturbing land status will cause restlessness in J&K

Says disturbing land status will cause restlessness in J&K

Srinagar, Dec 18 (KNS): The J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President Ghulam Ahmad Mir Saturday said the agricultural land needs to be protected in J&K rather than changing its status from agricultural to non-agricultural land.

Mir also demanded roll back of the decision which is bound to cause restlessness in Jammu as well as in Kashmir.

JKPCC President Ghulam Ahmad Mir urged the Govt not to disturb the land status in Jammu and Kashmir as that will lead to further disappointment and restlessness among the people, which has to be avoided.

"Many random decisions including the recent one on land use policy have been rolled out," Mir added and slammed the recent change in land use laws announced by the Jammu and Kashmir Govt while demanding immediate roll back of the decisions keeping inview the significance of agricultural land and interests of the people.

"J&K has vast horticulture production, which is the backbone of its economy,so Govt must take measures to boost the Horticulture production rather than changing land use policy," Ghulam Ahmad Mir emphasized. 

JKPCC President said that land conversion amounts to demographic changes in J&K, which is not acceptable while having its far reaching repercussions.

Mir also referred the directions of the Hon Supreme Court and Hon’ High Court that no permission should be granted for conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes, which the center has also assured the people of J&K, from time to time and needs to be respected. (KNS)

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