Conducting practical exams amid Covid 19 crisis not a wise decision: Congress

Urges Punjab Govt to take up the matter with Guru Seva College of Sciences

Srinagar June 22, (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC)today drawn the attention of the Punjab Govt to the issue of nursing students from J&K.
The Party also urged that the college authorities in Guru Seva College of Health Sciences (Hoshyarpur Punjab) to postpone the practical exams till the situation gets back to normal.
According to statement issued to KNS, the JKPCC President G.A. Mir has expressed surprise over the desire of authorities in Guru Seva College of health Sciences (Hoshyarpur) for conducting practical exams amid Covid-19 crisis, who were reportedly forcing the JK students especially from Kashmir to appear in practical exams, knowing it was impossible for the students to participate in the exams.
Mir said they seem to be in hurry, which makes no sense, as the threat to people in the backdrop of Covid 19 is still looming large. People have been strongly advised by the respective States Govt to take all precautions, besides maintaining social distance and travel, which has to be followed strictly.
Mir who was approached by the nursing students of Guru Seva College affiliated with Baba Farid University Punjab and sought postponement of the practical exams, asserting that they were not able to appear due to current crisis.
I would urge the Govt of Punjab to look into the matter and direct the concerned authorities in the College to postpone the practical exams till the clearance of Health authorities, PCC President said and assured that he will take up the matter with higher authorities in Pujab Govt for its resolution.
Forcing students to appear in exams amid Covid-19 threat, was not a wise decision, which has to be rectified, JKPCC President added and urged that practical exams be postponed forthwith to ensure that career of students was not ruined. (KNS)

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