Commissioner SMC reviews status of water supply distribution in the Srinagar city

Srinagar June 28:(KNS)   Commissioner SMC Mr Athar Amir today chaired a meeting to review the status of Water Supply Scheme of Srinagar City.

The meeting was attended by Jonit Commissioner Adm, Executive Engineer Jal Shakti Department , all AEE's, JE's and Inspectors of Jal Shakti Department. 

The status of water supply in all sub divisions and sections in the city was discussed. The disposal of grievances with respect of blockages, leakages etc was reviewed. The sub division wise pendency of NOCs and applications for new connections was was reviewed. 

The Commissioner SMC directed that daily reports of each sub division should be submitted with respect to : 

1) timeliness and quality of water supply. 

2) Deployment of Tanker Service.

3) Quality Testing at both supply plants as well as consumer points. 

4) Disposal of applications for new connections

5) Disposal of NOCs for building and other activities. 

6) Redressal of grievances and rectification of faults.  

Vulnerability mapping to be done in all sections in the city to identify segments vulnerable to faults and contamination has been ordered. 

The Water works division was directed to ensure daily beat and section wise monitoring of the distribution system to ensure quality and timeliness of water supply. 

Directions for prompt and quick discposal of grievances and other applications were issued.

SMC has kept a dedicated helpline for the water works division. General public can report the grievances any time in the control room.(KNS) 

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