CMO Kupwara shoots warning to Clinical establishments against allowing private practice during duty hours

Kupwara May, 18 (KNS): Chief Medical Officer Kupwara on Wednesday advised clinical establishments across district not to allow Doctor's private practice during office hours. 
In a communique, shot by CMO to all clinical establishments across district, a copy of which lies with Kashmir News Service(KNS) reads, "it has come to the notice of undersigned that the Doctors working at various Government Health Institutions across District are doing private practice at various clinical establishments during office hour's hour, due to which it creates bad impression and gives inconvenience to patients. 
 In this connection the circulars has been from time to time wherein all the establishments were informed to adhere themselves for allowing the government employed doctors to do practices at their clinical establishments, it added. 
In this regard all Clinical establishments across district are once again informed through the medium of this circular that no doctor should practice between the time period of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at any clinical establishment, it added. 
It further reads that If any government employed doctor was found practicing at any clinical establishment during the aforementioned time period the registration of that clinical establishment will be cancelled and action under clinical establishment rules and regulations Act- 2010 will follow.
Moreover all the clinical establishments across district are hereby informed to furnish the list of Doctors practicing at their respective clinical establishment with the office of undersigned within two (o2) days positively and any noncompliance will be dealt strictly under clinical establishment rules and regulation act-2010, it added.(KNS)

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