Civil society, Intizaamia committee Aishmuqam urge authorities to neutralise wild animals

Say wild animals, roaming freely in vicinity, have created atmosphere of fear among locals

Say wild animals, roaming freely in vicinity, have created atmosphere of fear among locals

Aishmuqam, Nov 13 (KNS): The civil society of Aishmuqam, Intizaamia committee of the shire and locals Saturday urged the authorities for their swift action to neutralise wild animals roaming in the area to prevent further loss of human lives and livestock.

In a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), a spokesperson of the committee said that due to the recent horrific attacks of wild animals in the area, people are scared to come out of their homes particularly during evening hours.

The statement reads that the common masses are scared to move out, especially kids and womenfolk of the area are frightened to venture out for normal activities.

“The civil society of Aishmuqam lead by the prominent citizens, Intizaamia committee of Aishmuqam shrine, president town area committee and all councillors and have appealed to the LG administration specifically the DC Anantnag for swift intervention to neutralise the wild animals for preventing the further loss of human life and livestock in the area,” it reads.

They appealed to DC Anantnag to personally coordinate the allied departments to end this atmosphere of fear in and around Aishmuqam.

“DC Anantnag is aware of Aishmuqam township for being thronged by people from whole country who come to pay obeisance at the Sufi shrine of Aishmuqam,” it reads.

As per the statement, Intizaamia committee president, Mohammad Yaqoob Gadiyal has assured all cooperation from the public to the wildlife department and other government agencies to avoid this human and wild animal conflict, which if, prevails can be disastrous for normal life in the area.

The civil society and intizaamia committee has also appealed to the government to give financial assistance and relief to the families of victims of wild attacks.

They also urged the PDD to restore street lights at the earliest to minimise movement of wild animals during night hours. (KNS)

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