Centre adopting polarization policy to divide nation only for upcoming UP elections: Rouf Bhat

Says polarization being done for political gains; 'Youth of Valley being exploited to carry forward BJP-RSS's divide and rule policy'

Says polarization being done for political gains; 'Youth of Valley being exploited to carry forward BJP-RSS's divide and rule policy'

Srinagar, Nov 02 (KNS): Peoples Democratic Party senior leader, Rouf Bhat on Tuesday rebuked Centre for adopting polarization policy in order to win the upcoming UP elections, which are scheduled to be held in 2022. 

Bhat said that polarization of the country is being done for political interests and the youth of the valley are being exploited as a means to carry out their (BJP and RSS's) divide and rule policy.

He said that polarization of the country is being done in view of the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh and the Kashmiri students are being targeted and used only for polarizing the nation based on religious grounds. "Our youth are being made 'Bali ka Bakra' for the sake of politics. It is extremely unjustified and we strongly condemn these seditions under which three Kashmiri students have been booked."

He said that the college administration of the arrested students has already confirmed that no anti-national slogans were raised by the three Kashmiri students nor were they indulged in any anti-national activity. "On the complaint of single worker of BJP, the students were arrested. It is evident that politics is being played while keeping the future of our youth at stake," he said,

Talking about recent remarks of BJP Ex-MLA for his remarks on Muslim community, he said that strict action should be taken against him as he has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims.

"We demand an immediate action against him and he should be arrested as soon as possible. By giving such statements they are polarizing the nation. This policy of divide and rule is being followed to divide the nation into Hindus and Muslims. The only motive behind this divide and rule policy is the UP elections," he said.

Replying to a question, Bhat said that it was just a match and they should never mix sports with politics and government too should not play politics over sports. 

"The BJP should focus on the current deteriorating situation in the entire country. During COVID19 lakhs of people died, the people of the nation are dying due to hunger, unemployment has touched sky, the raising prices of daily commodities, the petrol prices, the LPG prices have created havocs for the whole country. What is BJP doing for all these crisis? The country is facing huge crisis and the government is only indulged in polarizing the nation for their political benefits," he said. 

He said that for the last three years, the BJP-RSS government has only polarized the nation. "They talk about Vikas, where is that Vikas? The country’s economy has worsened in recent times and anytime a financial emergency may be declared, Is this Vikas.? Unemployment is surging due to which the people are committing suicides. Is this Vikas for BJP?," he questioned.

Talking about Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement, he asked that where will he talk to the youth of Kashmir when they were arrested before his visit to J&K and thousands of youths were confined to jails before HM’S visit, will he talk to them in the jails?

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives assurances about minimizing the alienation of hearts between New Delhi and Kashmir but practically they are far away from this. Our youth are being arrested, atrocities are being committed on them and the youth are being booked under fake cases. If an ex-supreme court judge can confirm that no such law has been in the constitution about sedition charges case for supporting another country in a game of cricket, then why are our children still in jails?," he said.

Hitting out at the Centre he said that BJP is committing immense atrocities in every sector of the country particularly on minorities. "They are playing the game of dirty politics. BJP should refrain from divide and rule policy as this won't work now. BJP should work for the prosperity of country instead of talking about wars and surgical strikes."

He also said that the BJP unconstitutionally scrapped article 370 and article 35A and split the state into two UT’s and right from their tenure, BJP has been carrying out every task illegally. 

He maintained that due to unjustified and illegal measures of the BJP, PDP broke the coalition with the BJP as their (PDP's) motive was to empower the people of J&K instead of dividing them.

"They are terminating employees and our future of youth is being destroyed due to their politics. Politics is being done on the blood of our youth. Innocent people are being harassed for political gains, so what do BJP expect from the people of the Valley after all these atrocities. This is a political issue and no one can deny it. It needs a political solution for everlasting peace," he said. (KNS)

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