CA Patient misbehaved by Doctor at Hakim Sonuallah Cancer Hospital Sopore, alleges attendant


Waris Fayaz

Sopore, Feb 02:(KNS0 Attendant of a Cancer Patient at Hakim Sonuallah Cancer Hospital, Sopore in North Kashmir's Baramulla district alleges misbehaviour by a doctor, while police had taken cognizance of the incident. 

Tariq Ahmed, an attendant who's father is undergoing treatment from last seven months at Hakim Sonuallah hospital said, Doctor came after seven months and we were waiting for our turn. 

When we approached to doctor he said your file is not here let you wait. We were in a queue since a long, even when our file was sent still we were asked to wait, Tariq said. 

 "It was about 1:30 PM we went to doctor, my files dropped from my hand and doctor pushed my father thrice and told receptionist to refund us the amount and said we will not treat him anymore here from now onwards", he said. 

After spending near about 6 lacs, doctor who is treating my father told me "Go and treat your father somewhere else",Tariq said. 

As per reports this is not for the first time that hospital had complaints. This has remained in news earlier too. 

Meanwhile, when this correspondent tried to speak to the doctor, Dr. Shad Saleem who is also owner of this hospital, was not available for comments, as he had left the vicinity after the incident. 

Meanwhile, local Police took the cognizance of this incident. 

Talking to an Police official, he said that, one of the family member later on widrawn the application saying they will treat their father somewhere else and don't want to be in any trouble this time.(KNS

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