Business community seeks cash assistance for survival

Srinagar, July 13 (KNS): Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kashmir has expressed its dismay over the fresh curbs on operation of the business units in Kashmir especially in Srinagar.

In a statement issued to KNS, CCIK Secretary General Tariq Rashid Ghani said the businessmen in Kashmir have been bearing the fresh brunt of losses since August 2019 which has never taken off.

“We would like to remind the Governor administration that businessmen have to provide for their families and also provide salaries to their staff. It is not possible for them to bear non-stop losses,” he said.

He said like other places in the world where businessmen are working properly and the Covid-19 spread has also been contained but in Kashmir restrictions are being imposed and even the administration is not able to contain the pandemic.

“We fail to understand what government is upto? It has failed to contain the spread of virus despite continuous lockdown when other places have already taken hold of it and are easing out restrictions to give some breather to the business community,” said Ghani.

CCIK further said businessmen were hoping to earn some livelihood through Eid shopping but they have been forced to shut down shutters.

“If government thinks lockdown is the solution and no business activity should operate, it should also provide some assistance plans for them.”

CCIK has demanded cash assistance to businessmen of every strata from street vendors to big business houses so that they provide for the family and also give basic salaries to their staff.

“Has government made any plans for the youth who are currently jobless or are not receiving any salary from the business units which are shut. Government is for the people and it should immediately provide cash assistance to the private employees and also to the business units for their survival.”

CCIK has also appealed to the government to take genuine organizations on board while taking such decisions. (KNS)

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