BJP using investigating agencies against me, trying to frame me in militancy: Mehbooba Mufti

"They should fight me politically or wear bangles"

Srinagar, Dec 23 (KNS): Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti today asked the BJP to "not use investigating agencies against her and fight her politically."
According to KNS Correspondent, Addressing a presser in Srinagar, Mehbooba said, "They are not fighting me politically but through NIA, CBI, ED. This won't yield anything. They people won't have investigated the funding of my father's mausoleum. They tried to frame me in terror funding. They have nothing to stick to me. Through Waheed they have tried to connect me to terror funding."
She added: "As if we had contacts with militants and would help them. we used to help families of militants who were killed through bank accounts during Mufti sbs first tenure. I will say it today as well as tommorw.
She said that "connecting Waheed and her to militancy is unjustified."
"They are cowards. If they have to fight with a woman,they should fight openly in field. In field they got defeated yesterday. Out of 60 seats we fought , we got 30 seats. Two years ago, they had made obituary of my party, saying it is over. If they cannot fight me politically it is their problem not my problem."
She accused BJP of misusing NIA, ED, CBI against everyone who tries to resist them.
"They have tarnished constitution. We ask everything under constitution, whether it is state flag or 370 , I talk everything under constitution. Whenever there is talk of Kashmir issue, diginity of People of J&K, I won't remain silent.May be this is my last press conference. May be they will arrest me as our many leaders have been arrested already., It can be my last press conference.when we ask DC Srinagar, police, they don't say anything. They tell us that we have been arrested under preventive detention, but don't show order. This is law lawlessness. They treat NIA, CBI as their keep."
She added :"They are harassing Mumta Benerji for resisting , Muslims who protested against, students who resist are given label of Thukdey Thukdey gand and jailed, activists who do any work are jailed, muslims who protested against CA were jailed after calling them Pakistanis, our sikh brothers who are protesting today are called Khalistani. They have started raids on their unions. If you cannot fight politically against a women, then they should wear bangles and sit in home. They have no business to run this country. They are no moral authority to run this country. They scrapped the Article 370 unconstitutionally, people were terrorised. They have destroyed this country." (KNS). 

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