BJP unnerved by support to PAGD candidates, employing stooges to put hurdles: NC

Sagar, Nasir address public meeting at Behibag Kulgam

Sagar, Nasir address public meeting at Behibag Kulgam

Srinagar, December 12:(KNS) The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday said BJP was shocked and unnerved by the support people of Kashmir had extended to PAGD candidates in the ongoing DDC elections and had tasked its coterie in administration and other spheres to create hurdles for the Alliance candidates.

Stating that the District Development Council elections were proving unsuccessful to blunt the demand of people for restoration of Articles 370, 35 A guaranteed to J&K by the constitution of India, Party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar said the “experiment” had failed as the people were not allowing any space to divisive forces to meet that end. He made these comments at a public meeting while seeking support for the PAGD candidate at Behibagh, Kulgam.

Sagar said the main agenda behind conducting the DDC elections was to dilute the aspirations of the people, however he said the local government cannot be a substitute to what was spitefully snatched on the 5th of August, 2019 from us. “The entire exercise meant to wrong-foot the people proved abortive, as the people are out and out supporting PAGD candidates in these elections also. Unnerved by the immense support the PAGD is getting across J&K, the ruling BJP at the center and its local minions and stooges having administration at their side , is going to great lengths to impede the public outreach of PAGD leaders by employing various methods as are unheard of in an emancipated world. Today’s Kulgam programme is a point in case, we have been trying to visit Kulgam for three days, today the concur was finally granted. Due to our continuous pleas, we were able to seize a half-hearted permission, still it took us hours to reach the destination overcoming all hitches and glitches meant to prevent us from interacting with our people,” he said.

On the occasion Party’s Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani; Constituency-In charge and Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar; District President Kulgam Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi; Safdar Khan also addressed the gathering. Among others Alliance candidate for Behibagh Afrooza Banoo, party’s local YNC, Women’s Wing, and other Parent body functionaries were also present on the occasion.

Nasir while addressing the gathering said that the people of J&K were not willing to trade off their self respect with anything and by supporting the PAGD candidates the people are emphatically asserting their aspirations. “Incensed by the massive public support across J&K for PAGD notwithstanding unwarranted pulls and pressures, the ruling BJP has gone into a tizzy. The frustration is visible in their statements, which are base and bereft of any plot. Their forged narratives are based on falsehood and concoctions. Sensing an imminent drubbing in the ongoing DDC elections, the BJP, and its Ilk is now resorting to mudsling and name-calling. As a last resort they tried to raise the bogey of Roshni act, which they eventually abandoned owing to the surfacing of the names of big fishes from BJP, RSS as major beneficiaries of the act,” he said.

Nasir said that the people have thrown themselves in the sacred and peaceful fight for the restoration of their rights not giving any chance to the divisive elements to malign their struggle. “It is this temperament of the people which is frustrating them, the most. Having failed to sell the false narratives to normalize the blunder committed on the 5th of August 2019, the Nagpur squad comprising BJP and its local minions are trying dishonest, undemocratic means to impede PAGDs public reach,” he said.

Nasir said the PAGD would not allow the sacred space of Democracy in the form of DDC to be employed by BJP and its ilk to sell false narratives nationally and globally. He said that people being well aware of the real nefarious designs of the Nagpur Squad are voting in favor of Dr Farooq Abdullah led PAGD. The all out support of people for PAGD is also symbolic in nature as well, it testifies to the people’s unwillingness to trade off their self respect with anything. “On development front also we saw how miserably the airdropped candidates in Panchayat and ULB failed to deliver on ground. This time people have make it a point to fight a peaceful and constitutional multi-pronged battle by supporting Dr.Farooq sahib led PAGD and at the same time not allow henpecked stooges to threaten their existence by grabbing the sacred democratic spaces under the garb of development and local self government,” he added. (KNS) 

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