BJP gifted Jammu toll plazas, rising unemployment, price hike, failed economy and farmer crisis:- Congress

Jammu/Srinagar, December 04: BJP gifted rising unemployment, Toll Plazas, failed economy, 4G restrictions, unprecedented price rise, farmer crisis and utter mismanagement of Covid-19 situation, said Congress urging voters to seek answers from the ruling party while deciding their votes.

JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Mr. Ravinder Sharma said that people should make the BJP accountable for the present mess and failures on various fronts after getting huge mandate from Jammu while it returned large scale unemployment, series of Toll Plazas, unprecedented price hike, failed the economy and business of Jammu, created agrarian crisis and left the people dying without oxygen in major hospitals during peak Covid crisis, when the BJP top leaders were either hiding or availing facilities at premier private hospitals for themselves and their near ones.

Before seeking fresh mandate BJP must explain what it gave to their electorates in Jammu who had given massive mandate to the party in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections on false hopes and tall promises of all round development and large scale job opportunities as well as greater economic and business activities.

BJP put the land of J&K on sale and opened doors of jobs to outsiders against false assurances, while it tries to again befool the youths with 100% job security. Why the 50,000 jobs not provided sofar and when the 70000 jobs shall be filled up, questioned Congress blaming BJP of exploiting the educated youth during elections. Why 4G services not restored after one year and 4 months, why series of Toll Plazas installed, and why there was not even oxygen in major hospitals of Jammu when people were crying and dying of Covid while people were herded in ill equipped and ill managed quarantine centers, with no one to listen to their cries. BJP government and its state leaders are responsible for leaving the people at the mercy of God and insensitive bureaucratic system at the time of crises and during the part over 2 ½ years.

Congress questioned the ruling party for the large scale miseries of people being faced by them in the hands of an unaccountable bureaucratic system in the absence of an elected government for over two and half years and still the government is shirking from holding early assembly elections to allow people to have an elected government of their own. The government is deliberately delaying the early completion of the delimitation, which is moving at snail’s pace, without any wisper of its process and exercise.

Congratulating people for participating in the electoral exercise despite security concerns and large scale resentment against actions of BJP government, he questioned of such a big electoral exercise can be held in such a situation amidst Covid crises, why not holding of early assembly elections and restoration of full statehood, at the earliest. Rather simultaneous polls to assembly could have been held after due process, with almost same strength of security arrangements and government expense on polls.

Congress has said that BJP has destroyed the economy of the country created unemployment, unprecedented hike of all commodities besides large scale agrarian crisis by bringing flawed agricultural laws forcing crores of farmers to come on roads throughout country.

All toll promises made to the unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir, thousands of daily wagers, need based, casual, adhoc and contractual workers and other temporary employees have proved to be jumlas and the common man has been crushed due to unprecedented price hike and various forms of taxations including toll plazas. The time has come for the people to ask BJP for its failures and neglect of the people after getting mandate from them.

Mr. Sharma appealed to the voters not to fall in the trap of BJP’s attempts to emotionally exploit them but put them to test of bad performance, false promises and arrogance of power(KNS). 

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