BJP fielding proxies in the valley and making alliances: Omar Abdullah

Addresses election rally at Larnoo, Kokernag

Addresses election rally at Larnoo, Kokernag

Srinagar Apr 17 (KNS):   The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said BJP is busy fielding proxies against us adding if what BJP is saying is correct then why they are not announcing any candidates for the three seats in the valley.

He said this while addressing a huge public gathering in Larnoo Kokernag seeking support for the party candidate Mian Altaf Ahmed for Anantnag Rajouri parliamentary constituency. The meeting was organized by in-charge Larnoo Chaudhary Zaffar. The nominated candidate Mian Altaf Ahmed, Party Treasurer Shammi Oberoi, political advisor Mudassar Shahmiri, South Zone President Syed Tauqeer Ahmed, District President Anantnag Altaf Ahmed Wani, Ghulam Nabi Butt Adigami, DDC members and local office bearers, youth and women wing representatives were also present.

Addressing the gathering, Omar said, "In the upcoming parliamentary elections, many candidates from many parties will be in the fray and each party will claim to represent the people here. All the parties will try to lure voters by promises and slogans however it's for the people to make a better choice."

Continuing his address, Omar Abdullah said, "May 07 is the day of voting for the Anantnag Rajouri parliamentary constituency. There will be many candidates in the field. On the voting day people have to listen to all the candidates, weigh them, judge them and then decide who can be the best candidate. Conspiracies will be hatched and various claims will be made. There is no dearth of aspirants on this seat, but if you look at all the candidates, their character, the way they speak, the way they interact with people, which party they stand with and which party has represented here in the past. How have you treated the people, then you will come to the conclusion that there is no other candidate like Mian Altaf Ahmed to represent this constituency." 

He further said that Anantnag Rajouri is a seat that is on both sides of the mountain and Mian Altaf Ahmed is the only representative you will get who can represent the people on both sides.

He said that another strange situation has been created in this election. "On one hand, BJP claims that there has been progress, and everyone is happy, construction and development  is the order of the day, employment has increased. No one is angry and everyone is happy after August 5, 2019, but then the same BJP does not field their candidates here, but are busy fielding their local proxies and making alliances. I ask BJP, why did you feel the need to help another party, why are you not fielding your own candidates in the valley? What is the compulsion for Tarun Chug to form an alliance with the Apni party and the People's Conference?" he said.

Omar Abdullah cautioned the public and said that BJP is not in the field in the Valley but voting for its proxies here will be like voting for BJP. 

He further added, "The Prime Minister gave a speech in Udhampur a few days ago and said that after the abrogation of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir witnessed new developments and that no work was done here. But it is important to say that thanks to Article 370 the people of Jammu and Kashmir get ownership rights over the lands. Thanks to this article, poverty is the lowest in the country. We have problems here, but despite 30 years of militancy, there is no famine here. We did not die of starvation, all because of Article 370. In the rest of the country, the trend of free education has started now, while in Jammu and Kashmir, the system of free education was first introduced from schools to colleges and universities."(KNS)

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