BJP fails to digest the popularity and great role of pt Nehru:Congress

Jammu, June 8 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress committee has said that blaming previous Congress governments especially the first prime minister pt Jawahar Lal Nehru has become the fashion and habit of BJP and some its leaders, trying to be in limelight always and more particularly with a view to divert the attention of the nation from their failures on various fronts and the growing concerns in the country over the increased and aggressive mischief’s of our neighbours. .
In a statement issued to KNS, Lashing out at the BJP for introducing the culture of blaming the previous governments especially the first prime minister pt Nehru for all the ills being faced by the country on various fronts today and presenting the distorted versions of the history to paint one of the tallest leader of his times, in a poor light, JKPCC said that some leaders believe that by doing so they can hide their failures on multiple fronts including the promise to teach the neighbours a lesson not to have the courage to do any mischiefs towards our country. However the record ceasefire violations every year including over 3250 last year and series of attacks on our major army installations during NDA regime, despite an unscheduled visit of prime minister Modi to Lahore besides regular disturbances by China all along, during the period, have belied the claims of BJP government that hostile neigbours would desist from misadventures during its tenure.
JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said that the history is witness to the great role of Pt Nehru who succeeded in a befitting response to Mr Jinnah , the creator of Pakistan on the basis of two nation theory, when the Muslims majority state bordering Pakistan, out Rightly rejected the same and choose a secular India of the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi and pt Nehru. The then Muslim leadership of the Dogra state has been on record having said that and it was a great victory of the our leadership of the times to ensure the defeat and rejection of two nations theory of jinnah from here in Jammu and Kashmir, as a result it finally acceeded to India.
But BJP leaders must be aware that before J and K, became an inseparable part of India, legally and constitutionally, the raiders, sponsored and aided by Pakistan regular army had captured a large portion of it, including infiltrated deep inside in many other parts. They should also be aware that our forces landed in Srinagar on October 27,1947 and they fought bravely to drive away the Pakistani raiders from various parts , more one year and over two months before ceasefire on January 1st, 1949. recapturing and retrieving the territory presently with it, while Pakistan still continues to be under illegal occupations of our territory.
He said falsely blaming the then visionary leadership of pt Nehru who played a very vital role and was who was instrumental in the spade work and creation of such an atmosphere of harmony and trust with the leadership of majority community in the state that proved to be crucial for the final accession of J and K with India, amounts to misreading the history and its distortion for political motives. Instead of giving the due credit for the vital role of pt Nehru in the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with India, the BJP leaders are trying to prove him wrong and failure on all fronts for vested political interests, as they fail to digest his popularity even after over five and half decades after his death.
He said that instead of blaming the previous regimes, the BJP govt which been given huge mandate, should deal with the growing challenges on external and internal fronts in the expected manner for which the entire country always stands together. (KNS)

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