Bifurcation of Civil Secretariat against the will of people, has no rationale :Hakeem Yaseen

Another betrayal with kashmiri's since 1947

Srinagar, June 18 (KNS): Chairman People's Democratic Front (PDF) ,Hakeem Yaseen has flayed the decision to bifurcate civil Secretariat departments, instead of full Darbar Move , terming it against the wishes of the people of both jammu & Kashmir provinces. He said bifurcation of darbar move departments , at the whims of some bureaucrats, has no rationale at all.
In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen, while flaying the decision of the government to bifurcate civil Secretariat departments, instead of full Darbar move , said it was totally against the overall socio- political interests of Jammu and Kashmir. He said there was no rationale in the decision to bifurcate Darbar move departments adding that the thoughtless move would create unnecessary administrative anarchy in the troubled state. He said retaining half of the total Secretariat move departments at Jammu would badly affect the public grievances redressal mechanism in kashmir province as the aggrieved people shall have to travel to Jammu to trace out their case files, which have been retained at Jammu along with the respective departments. He said this was a deliberate ploy to humiliate and ignore people of the Kashmir province. He has cautioned that Jammu and kashmir being politically and geographically a super sensitive border state , Government should take each and every decision of public importance with utmost care and caution , keeping all the political and social ramifications under consideration. While demanding withdrawal of all controvercial orders issued from time to time , in the absence of a of civil government in jammu and kashmir , Hakeem Yaseen has cautioned that the governor administration should not underestimate patience of the people. He said that governor administration should not taking decisions on the issues of public importance unilaterally, without taking the civil society on board.
Hakeem Yaseen observed that without taking people of the kashmir valley into confidence, maximum number of decisions taken by the government in recent times have created an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust among the common people. .
Hakeem Yaseen said, " it was most unfortunate that the centre since 1947 has been continuously ignoring socio- political aspirations and sentiments of the people of kashmir,which was the root cause of alienation and mistrust among them . He has urged the need for initiating reconciliatory and confidence building measures (CBMs) to bridge the gap of mistrust, instead of playing with the emotions of the people of jammu and kashmir. He said peace loving people of jammu and kashmir reserve their democratic rights adding that respecting thier aspirations and emotions would be in the larger interests of the country.
While referring to the decision of scraping SRO 202 , Hakeem Yaseen said that the government should totally remove the clause of probation period in it, for all appointees, instead of reducing it from 5 years to 2 years. He has urged the L.G, Marmu to order darbar move of all civil Secretariat departments adding that the practice of decades old Bi-annual Darbar move has now become the symbol of brotherhood , harmony and mutual relationship among the people of both Kashmir and Jammu provinces.
Hakeem Yaseen has also demanded to solve the lingering on problems of about 60,000 DRWs, casual labourers and contractual employees and issue regularization orders in their favour without any further delay. (KNS)

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