Bibi Muskaan’s act of fearlessness has become a source of courage for us all : Aga Hassan 

Srinagar February 11:(KNS) Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman-E-Sharie Shian President Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al-Safavi lashed out at the Karnataka government’s ban on hijab in educational institutions, calling it an interference in personal freedom.

While addressing Friday Prayers at Imam Bargha Budgam Aga Hassan said false equivalence between Hijab and saffron stoles is dangerous. Muslim women are not wearing hijabs to disrupt collages  or force fellow students to adopt or give up any dress . They are wearing hijabs with uniforms the same way Hindus wear tilak/ Bindi .

Aga Hassan further said they are singling out Muslim Hijab for political not religious, grab worn by particular regime and is clearly motivated by ISLAMOPHOBIA 
While expressing solidarity with Bibi Muskaan Aga Hassan Prayed for her to remain steadfast in her commitment to education while also exercising her freedom of religion & choice.

“It is a test of the law enforcers whether they succumb before goonism or, this time, perform their constitutional duties”. Aga Hassan concluded.(KNS

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