Assault on aspirations of people not acceptable: Congress

Vows to resist undermining rights of JK residents

Vows to resist undermining rights of JK residents

Srinagar, Dec 28 (KNS): Stating that it will continue to oppose domicile, land and housing to outsiders, the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Tuesday pledged to resist undermining rights and assault on aspirations of JK residents. 

The party fully support the endeavors aiming to foster inclusive development, protection to land and job rights to JK residents.

The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) while reacting to real estate summit slammed the misleading announcement that domicile, land & housing to outsiders in J&K, terming it as a maneuver to gain political mileage in forthcoming elections in poll bound UP and others States on the part of BJP Govt.

JKPCC said there is a law in place in J&K, which grants 90 year’s lease rights to outsiders for business activities, ironically BJP Govt is not talking about that law rather making statement over statements aiming to create an impression that gates are being opened in J&K for outsiders to buy land and encroach job rights inorder to gain electoral mileage on the part of BJP.

The omission of Permanent resident term under the new J&K Development Act was also tool to benefit selected corporates especially to impact the forthcoming elections, but Congress Party would resist such moves and will fight to safeguard the aspirations of the people.

The guarantees to protection of land, employment and other protections could be assured to people of Ladakh, Congress party whole heartedly welcomes every move benefitting people there,at the sametime, the Party express its serious concern over the attitude of the Govt towards the people of J&K.

Congress party fully supports every initiative of the Govt to ensure inclusive development, employment generation and other constitutional guarantees to people, it (Congress) will remain committed to resist fiddling with the land, job and other protections and demands that Statehood must be granted, besides democratic process be restored in Jammu and Kashmir.

"Doing away with just rights of permanent residents of J&K under the garb of land conversion act. Real estate summit or any other Act is anguishing and a matter of grave concern for both people of Jammu as well as Kashmir, for that matter, both the regions and Congress Party in unison would vigorously fight against the anti J&K Policies of the Centre," JKPCC pledged. (KNS)

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