Arrange transportation of Apple boxes on war footing from the different mandis of Valley: Vakil to UT govt.

Appeals GoI to intervene in the matter

Appeals GoI to intervene in the matter

Sopore Oct 01 (KNS) : Sr. Vice President J&K Peoples Conference and Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil expressed anguish over thousands of apple boxes getting damaged in fruit mandis as there is no transportation available to transport the fruit to different mandis of the Country. Vakil said trucks are not coming from Punjab and Delhi to transport the apple boxes from Mandis in the valley and reason is best known to the government of the day and it is shocking that UT admin rather than resolving the issue are watching as a mute spectator. Vakil urged Central Government to intervene in the matter, so that valley-based growers would not suffer more.

Vakil said fruit growers are already disturbed because of the recent blockade of fruit laden trucks on the jammu srinagar national highway and now a new problem has sprung up which has resulted in fruit worth crores of rupees is getting rotten in fruit mandis.

The fruit industry has already suffered huge loses in the previous years due to Covid, natural calamities, turmoil in the valley which has drastically affected the industry but still government of the day has done nothing to uplift this ailing fruit industry. UT admin. must understand that they are playing with the livelihood of thousands of people who are only dependent on this fruit industry.
Vakil appealed to the government of India to announce a special economic package for the fruit growers in Kashmir and demanded to waive off KCC and other loans as it can be sigh of relief to the community. .

Vakil also reiterated his demand of compensation to the fruit growers as the recent blockade of fruit laden trucks on Jammu Srinagar national highway has incurred huge losses as the fruit got damaged. (KNS) 

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