Army organizes Carrom and Chess competition in Mawer

Handwara, Nov 23 (KNS): They say you never win a game by resigning. But today the youth of Mawar resigned to all their worries when the brave hearts of Indian Army organised an event for boys and girls where they indulged themselves in intriguing board games.

As the young buds of Reshwari and Puthwari brace for rigours and joys of adulthood, Carrom & Chess Championship held under the aegis of Naugam Brigade mirrored the drive and intellect of children of these villages. For the betterment of lives, provisioning of amenities and introducing children of villages to challenges of future, Naugam Brigade took another step in the right earnest by organising Carrom & Chess Championship. The championship attracted large participation and viewership. The prize distribution ceremony was conducted by the principal of Army Goodwill School, Naugam.

The event characterized by large participation and warm response by school faculty was another reminder of bonds of faith, trust and love between Armed Forces & the locals. (KNS)

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