Army Conducts Medical Camp in Fatehgarh, Providing Healthcare to 630 Locals

 Baramulla 3 Sep(KNS): Baramulla RR Battalion, in a commendable initiative to promote the well-being of the people in Fatehgarh, organized a medical camp, under the aegis of the Himalayan Brigade.

This significant event featured a team of medical experts, including Orthopedic Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Family Physicians, General Physicians, and Female Gynecologists from the Borderless World Foundation, who provided invaluable healthcare services to the local community.

The medical camp successfully achieved dual commitments - addressing medical issues in the local population and fostering a sense of trust and unity with the Army. The preparation for the event was meticulous, with outreach efforts spanning 17 villages through Masjids, Darul-Ulooms, Schools, and social media channels.

Remarkably, the students and staff of local schools played a crucial role, serving as interpreters when necessary, demonstrating the spirit of community involvement.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThe Discipline Committee showcased exemplary servant leadership qualities during the camp.

The Baramulla Battalion's efforts extended medical assistance to a significant segment of the population, with 630 individuals receiving care, including 272 males, 235 females, and 123 children. Additionally, they generously provided First-aid kits to Higher Senior Secondary School, Fatehgarh, as a token of goodwill.

The dedication of both students and medical teams, as well as the ongoing commitment to providing medical check-ups and expert advice, has been deeply appreciated by the local community. This initiative not only addresses critical health needs but also strengthens the bond between the Indian Army and the public, exemplifying the empathy and commitment of the Army towards the people they serve.(KNS).

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