Apni Party Leader Khawaja Mohammad Yaseen joins People's Conference

Abdul Gani Vakil & Sheikh Mohammad Imran graced the joining ceremony

Abdul Gani Vakil & Sheikh Mohammad Imran graced the joining ceremony

Dozens of Apni Party workers joined PC on the occasion

Srinagar, May 15 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference on Sunday witnessed a major joining at Nowhatta, Khanyar in which former Apni Party In-charge Khanyar Constituency Khawaja Mohammad Yaseen along with his hundreds of workers and supporters joined the party-fold.

The joining ceremony was graced with the presence of Former Minister and Peoples Conference Senior Leader Abdul Gani Vakil, Former Deputy Mayor SMC & JKPC State Youth President Sheikh Mohammad Imran, Senior Party Leader Irfan Mattoo and Party Leader Mr. Suleiman.

The Party leadership emphasized on the vital need for a political change that can effectively take people out of the abyss of alienation and economic disparities towards progress, affluence & transparent governance.

“For decades altogether, People rigorously voted for the same old politicians who not only unabashedly monopolized the voter pockets for their self-interests but have kept on enjoying the government perks without caring for the welfare of the people after they got elected. It is a political scam that needs to be unraveled and also put an end to for which exercising the power of vote judiciously is a must,” Vakil said.

While speaking on this occasion, Sheikh Imran said the glory and historical importance of Khanyar constituency along with its numerous areas has been portentously eclipsed by the family rule who have always acted as the neo-feudal lords in this modern era.

“Unemployment, poverty, congested housing, deplorable road connectivity and a myriad of other infrastructural deficiencies have become the present defining traits of Shahr-e-Khaas especially the areas falling under Khanyar constituency. For more than thirty decades the successive government could have done wonders for the people but the ground situation remains in contrast to that. The rich arts & crafts of Carpet weaving, Copperware and shawl industry in Khanyar have regrettably died a silent death. Those political leaders who enjoyed being in power corridors for more than thirty years must answer to the youth and people of Khanyar for their sadistic negligence and political highhandedness. The change has begun today and together we will retrieve back the historic glory of our Khanyar,” Imran remarked.

He said it is appalling to witness that a majority of school dropouts & unemployed youth belong to the old town. “In absence of accountability, the erstwhile ruling political heads had chosen to keep the populace of Khanyar suffering due to poverty and scarcity of employment opportunities.  

During this occasion, Khawaja Mohammad Yaseen expressed gratitude towards Peoples Conference leadership for confiding trust in him and pledged to work for the betterment of the people while ardently putting forth efforts to resolve their issues.

“I feel at home now. My political thought and aspirations of the people in Khanyar are in total sync with the agenda of J&K People’s Conference. Our party has a well-defined & unambiguous roadmap that is aimed to empower the people in true sense and obliterate the political hegemony of family rule,” Yaseen observed.(KNS)

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