Anjuman Ahnaaf JK Felicitates people on Shab-E-Meraj


Srinagar March 11: (KNS)  Anjuman Ahnaaf Jammu Kashmir chief Moulvi Akhzar Hussain Felicitated people on this auspicious occasion of "Sheb-Meraj" and urged them to imbibe the teaching of Prophet MOHAMMAD (SAW) for making the world a better place to live.
while greeting the Muslims across the world in general and those in Jammu and Kashmir in particular on Mer’aj-ul-Alam (SAW) stressed on the need to understand the real message and essence of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) blessed journey to the skies. He said the message of Mer’aj-ul-Alam (SAW) was to strengthen our relationship with our Creator and be kind, concerned and generous to Allah’s every creation especially the fellow humans.(KNS)

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