ANC expresses outrage over worst power crisis in valley

Srinagar, Dec 03 (KNS): The Awami National Conference (ANC) expressed outrage over the worst power crisis in the valley, saying that depriving the citizens of this water-rich region of electricity in the 21st century is the worst violation of human rights.

In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), spokesman for the Awami National Conference expressed surprise that the power situation in the valley has been deteriorating year after year during the winter, and that ordinary consumers have suffered.

The spokesperson said that on the one hand in winter where power cuts cause great hardship to the common man in the coldest days, on the other hand industrialists, traders, artisans, manufacturers and shopkeepers face considerable losses. 

The spokesperson expressed surprise over the statement made by the Chief Engineer Power that additional power was being provided to the citizens this year. 

He said that it was the duty of the officials of the power department to observe where the electricity was going.

The spokesman demanded from the administration that they should not cause any more problems to the people and uninterrupted power supply should be provided to the people. (KNS)

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