An appeal , to teachers of educational Zone Mawer

Handwara, June 29 (KNS): As a teacher is fully aware about all the consequences and is determined to face the upcoming challenges with great zeal and zest and is hopeful about the bright future of coming generations. A teacher nourishes the nation with his/her knowledge and with the applications of his /her life skills. A teacher ought to associate him or herself with the organization to get the issues solved at first and then to lead the fraternity towards the desired aims. An organization provides him or her the best opportunities to get rid of issues and to make the dignity strength up. In these days the role of an organization is formidable one ,without the organization there are least chances to get the issues solved at fast rates.You will never own by any bureaucrat or any officer if you are not associated with an organization, an organization provides you the dignity and makes you beauts in all respects.
I remember the words of worlds great scholar "A CARNAIGE", Take away everything from us and try to left nothing with us,take away our business, our trade,our land and agricultural avenues but not our organization, with the help of our organization we shall reestablish ourselves within the years ".As you know that in the contemporary world of ours, life is inextricably interwoven with organizations. It is in fact now very difficult to think of persons without organizations and vice-versa. About the first thing we do to identify people today, is to find out the principal organization of which they are the members. As you know that organization is the most important part of administration. So be hopeful that yours have a beautiful and standard organization and that is the JKRTTF led by F A TANTRY.It the only organization that is most strong and its roots are most strong and uphold. So love it ,and be proud of it.
It is the only organization which has dignified the teaching faculty throughout the JK UT.It has solved all the crucial problems that teachers had faced since decades. You are fully aware about all the problems that teachers had faced since they entered to the department. What were the problems and issues you may count them and you might have big list of those.From the issue of maternity leave to conversion of grade 2nd and grade 3rd ,a big list issues are still in diaries of every teacher.
To know you organization in better ways, you may also count the educational goals, social goals, output goals, scientific goals,cultural goals and other basic goals which the said organization has achieved and highlighted the educational standards in every corner throughout the JK UT.So it is the need of the hour to make the organization a strong one with your support. It nee needs and involves cooperative efforts made by a number of personnel to achieve more purposes .Try to provide your full support and make your organization more strong mutidimensionally and try to get the benefits from each of its basic principle. You knowt hat your organization has it's best principles, on behalf of which your organization runs ,among such principles you may count the following as best ones...
1- Hierarchy
2- Answerability
3- Unity of command
4- centrlisation- Decentralization
5- Coordination
6- Authority and responsibility
7- Supervision and above all the good and effective leadership.
In recent past the leadership of the organization had initiated a best step and that is the online membership drive, through which a teacher can fill up the membership form through online modes ,try not to miss such an opportunity, be cautious and fill up the online membership form,and be proud of it.
I am hopeful that every normal RRT,3RD RRT,TEACHER GRADE 2ND,TEACHER GRADE 3RD will try on their part best by getting themselves enrolled in such a big and strong organization while filling up the online membership form and will try to be the members of such an organization that had fulfilled all their aspirations. I am again hopeful and expect that every RT Teacher, whether he /she is normal RRT ,3rd RRT,Teacher grade 2nd or Teacher grade 3rd will go for the same and will upload his /her online membership form and will take its screen shot by sharing the screen shots in JKRTTF WHATSAPP Group ,so that the list will be forwarded to the District Council in time. As ir costs nothing at all.
So be happy, hopeful, and have best expectations from your best organization. Try not to miss the opportunity.
BY: G R KHAN: Chief spokesman JKRTTF Zone Mawer.

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