Altaf Bukhari extends support to Jammu Bar Association

Urges Govt to accept demands of advocates

Urges Govt to accept demands of advocates

JAMMU, JULY 27 (KNS):  Apni Party President Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari has extended support to the demand of Jammu Bar Association which is seeking construction of a multi-storey building to house all kinds of judicial works.

In his statement, Altaf Bukhari said that the Jammu Bar Association has been protesting in support of their genuine demands and these demands shall be accepted by the Govt at the earliest without delaying it further as it has generated anguish among the advocates.

He said that “It is unfortunate that Jammu Bar Association has not been given heed by the authorities concerned despite repeated memorandum and suspension of work to get the attention of the Govt with regard to their demands.”

Extending support to the Jammu advocates, he said that the people should not be put to harsh arrangements by keeping the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) far away from the Janipur Court Complex as it is injustice with the advocates and the people whose cases are pending in the CAT.

He said that “Govt must construct a multi-storey building for the housing of all judicial work including registration work, CAT, DRT, AFT, Consumer Form and other tribunals within the court premises in Jammu as per the demand of the Jammu Bar Association.”

He said that the cases are pending for years due to various reasons and therefore, a building must be constructed within the Janipur court complex for the above said tribunals, courts and registration work.

He also demanded construction of a housing colony for the lawyers of Jammu as well as in Kashmir to ensure a better livelihood with all facilities.
“The Govt must address all pending issues of the advocates without further delay,” he said, extending support to the advocates of Jammu for their ongoing protests.(KNS)

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