All J&K Shia Association Srinagar Unit holds a meeting in Darul Jawad (Qamarwari)

Srinagar, July 29 (KNS) :Stressing upon to maintain discipline and peace during the Muharram procession President All J&K Shia Association Molvi Imran Reza Ansari has said that the pious month of Muharram reminds all of us to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) and Ahelibayat and remind the supreme sacrifices for Islam laid by Imam Hussain (AS). 

Addressing a meeting of All J&K Shia Association functionaries here at Darul Jawad Residence (Qamerwari) to assess the arrangements made for Muharram Commemoration by the government and at a local level, Molvi Imran stressed upon youth organisers to keep the actual fabric of tolerance, peace and tranquillity into consideration during processions and never allow anybody to vitiate the atmosphere which would hamper in taking the real legacy of this pious occasion in the hands of enemies of Islam and nation as well. 

He said that Muslims particularly commemorate the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (AS) and to take forward the legacy of Imam (AS) we not only strengthen the bonds but reaffirm our association of following the path of tolerance, and rightfulness of Imam Hussain (AS) on this occasion and we need to be United against those who want to divert it for some political and personal gains. 

A committee was also framed to look after the arrangements and management of Muharram Majalis and processions with appropriate discipline which include HAJI GHULAM QADIR, HAJI ZAKIR MIRZA, GHULAM HASSAN, HAJI MOHD AMEEN MIR,NISAR SULTAN, MIRZA MOHD MAQBOOL, YASEEN MUSTAFA ALI,MIRZA FIRDOOS ALI,MOHD YOUSUF KHAN,MUNSHI BASHIR AHMAD, FIDA HUSSAIN MIR, GHULAM MOHIUDIN, SYED NAQI SAHAB.

On this occasion AJKSA General Secretary Abid Hussain Ansari emphasised the need to keep vigil and cautious and never allow anybody to sabotage the processions for there I'll intentions.(KNS)

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