Alarming rate of unemployment in JK telling indictment of failed policies of government: NC

Seeks acceleration of recruitment process

Seeks acceleration of recruitment process

Srinagar, 03 February(KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday stated the claim of the incumbent government to provide 80 percent jobs in next 5 years is farfetched in wake of the sluggish recruitment process, and absence of any effective job policy.

As per the statement issued to KNS, while drawing the attention of government towards the plight of skilled, and well educated unemployed, Party’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah said that the educated youth of Kashmir see an uncertain future in wake of absence of any effective job policy, absence of private sector and failure of the government on its promise of accelerating the recruitment process in JKSSB and JKPSC. “Jammu and Kashmir is undergoing a youth bump, where nearly 70% of the population constitutes of youth. However, the majority of the youth are unemployed. The scenario has aggravated due to the absence of any policy intervention from the government since 2015. The appalling policy of August 5 has further compounded the woes of our youth upon whom the other avenues of employment were also closed post august 5, 2019,” she said.

She said the alarming rate of unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir was a matter of grave concern and was a telling indictment of the failed policies of the present incumbent government at the helm of affairs.  “The agonizing voices of unemployed youth are amplifying with each passing day, but the administration seems to have turned volte face to their predicament. Let alone creation of more job avenues, the incumbent government has stalled the future of scores of our unemployed youth who despite getting clearance from respective departments are still awaiting their compassionate appointment  under the SRO-43,SRO-120. On the other hand the rampant exploitation of need based, contractual, WYC, ASHA, and ITI skilled youth continue to persist,” she added.

She said there was an urgent need to empower youth and that the objective could only be met by investing in their future. “The inclusive strategy to put the youth of JK on the track of development should espouse long term and shorter measures.  Immediate staffing of pending cases under SR0-43, SR0-120 across J&K will be a first step towards that direction. Accelerating recruitment process and doing away with the discriminatory domicile policy would also perk up the confidence of our youth. On a long term basis heavy incentivisation of startups in local handloom, handicraft and tourism sectors will also go a long way in finding a solution to the burgeoning menace of unemployment,” she added. (KNS) 

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