Ahmad Ayaz expresses concern as son kills mother in Sopore village

Srinagar, Apr 15 (KNS): Social activist Ahmad Ayaz has expressed concern over a man stabbing his mother to death in north Kashmir’s Sopore, stating that this is a  disturbing trend where familial relations are marred by violence. 

In a statement issued to KNS, he cautioned that if society remains indifferent to such grave issues, there is a risk of descending into a criminal society, losing the cherished heritage of peace and harmony to chaos and violence.

He also criticised the discord among religious preachers, who engage in unnecessary sectarian disputes and trivial matters. 

He emphasized that places of worship should be sanctuaries for guidance and reform, not arenas for personal conflicts or divisive agendas.

He said that the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has announced plans to engage with top scholars to devise strategies for training religious preachers.

“Education department also needs to prioritise strategies that instill moral values and ethics among students genuinely in schools. It is crucial to nurture a culture of integrity and righteousness from a young age.” 

He added that law enforcement agencies should also take stringent actions against individuals involved in these immoral activities. (KNS)

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