Ahead of PM Modi’s visit, Nizam-ud-Din Bhat urges him to announce statehood restoration

Says imperative to win hearts and minds of J&K people

Says imperative to win hearts and minds of J&K people

Jammu, Feb 19 (KNS): Ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir, Former Legislator Nizam-ud-Din Bhat on Monday appealed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take a lead in winning the hearts and minds of the people by restoring the statehood and restoring democratic instiutions in the state.

In a statement issued ot Media, Bhat said Kashmir holds a unique identity, and its people take pride in their heritage. However, the shadows of the past continue to linger making it crucial to win the hearts and minds of the fellow citizens.

“The restoration of statehood and the strengthening of democratic institutions are some of the basic steps toward respecting internal social pride and restoring faith in governance and democracy”.

He said as we approach the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and anticipate the formation of a new government, we are mindful of the promises made by the current parliament under your leadership. “While significant steps have been made in fulfilling aspiration of diverse communities, the restoration of statehood remains unfinished business as promised by the current parliament thus becoming a moral responsibility of the current leadership to fulfil the promise.

“The fulfilment of this promise will be baggage on the current parliament though new government will be formed but fulfilment of promise shall remain with the current team,” he added.

“We firmly believe that fulfilling this promise is not just a political obligation but a moral imperative that will lay the groundwork for restoring trust and inclusivity among the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

While appealing the Prime Minister to make the announcement from Kashmir the restoration of statehood, Bhat remarked, It is our sincere hope that during your visit to Jammu, you will consider taking historic steps toward realizing this aspiration, winning hearts and minds of people thus marking a promising beginning for the new tenure ahead. (KNS)

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