Home Voting Conducted in Karnah Constituency for 2024 Parliament Election

Peerzada Syed

Karnah May 16 (KNS): In the context of the 2024 Parliament Election in Jammu and Kashmir, home voting was conducted in Karnah Constituency. The electoral process saw a total of 44 registered votes, with 40 of them being successfully polled.

Despite efforts to ensure a smooth voting process, several challenges arose during the course of the day. Regrettably, one voter, Noor ulhaq Qureshi, a resident of Village Kandi, passed away, Furthermore, three voters encountered health issues, necessitating their hospitalization. These voters include Abdul Rehman from Village Nowagabra, Sultan Mir from Village Khawarpara A, and Abdul Jabbar from Village Tangdar B, all of whom were admitted to hospitals in Srinagar for medical treatment.

As per Kashmir News Service (KNS), the majority of voters were able to exercise their democratic rights without hindrance. The turnout of 40 out of 44 votes reflects the determination of the electorate to participate in the democratic process despite the challenges faced.

Authorities and election officials may find it imperative to review the voting procedures and address any shortcomings to ensure the smooth conduct of future elections, thereby upholding the integrity and inclusivity of the electoral process in the region.(KNS) 

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