'Yatris our guests, do piligrimage without security': Er Nazir Yatoo

Srinagar, July 06 (KNS): Senior People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Er Nazir Ahmad Yatoo on Monday said that the Amarnath yatra is setting an example of communal harmony between local Muslims and Hindu pilgrims and termed Yatri's guest of Kashmir.

In a statement issued to Kashmir News Servic (KNS), Yatoo said, "From decades, the Yatra here in Kashmir is running very peacefully and we Kashmiris are doing our best to serve them. There is nothing to worry about here."

He said hundreds of people from various states of India are putting up in Kashmir. If the situation is not conducive in Kashmir then how these people come here? Whenever something bad happens, Kashmiri's put their lives in danger and are giving space to them in their homes.

Terming Amarnath pilgrim as "guests", PDP leader stated that Yatris could do their pilgrimage without any security,” Over a thousands of local Kashmiris are engaged in their pilgrimage, providing a range of services and security to the pilgrims, Yatoo said.

“From centuries, Kashmiris have been safeguarding and providing exemplary hospitality and safety to tourists and yatris as we have been taught hospitality, humanity and safeguarding the rights of guests by our great ancestors. Tourists and yatris, who intend to visit Kashmir, are always welcome,” PDP leader said.

Extending the wholehearted welcome to the yatris, Er Nazir Yatoo said that, “Our religion Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have taught us to be kind with our guests and serve them and safeguard their rights at every cost."

He said the tourism sector in Kashmir has been worst hit by the ongoing unrest and shutdown and all hotels, guest houses and house boats are empty. “Our history bears a witness that we have always respected, safeguarded and served our guests during hardest of times and worst calamities and have never shun this attribute of our life,” he said, adding that, this is also embedded in our Kashmiri culture and ethics and that is why our hospitality has been exemplary throughout the history. (KNS) 

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