'Kashmir Files' movie "conspiracy" to divide mutual Brotherhood: Rauf Bhat

 Srinagar, Nov 30 (KNS): Additional Spokesperson of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) Rauf Bhat on Wednesday termed the 'Kashmir Files' a political maneuver and said "the movie is far away from reality".

Speaking to reporters, he said that the film was not based on reality, but it denied the facts on the ground. He said that one to one and a half lakh Muslims were killed in Jammu and Kashmir, when Pushapura incident happened, Chhatti Singhpura incident happened, however, this film has showed only one angle that triggered hatred across the country against Kashmiri Muslims.

Describing the film as a conspiracy against the country, he said actually an attempt was made to divide Muslims and Hindus with this film and an attempt was made to destroy the centuries-old mutual brotherhood.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

He said that the rulers did the politics of temples, mosques, politics of Hindus and Muslims, while people want to focus on issues like unemployment, economy and health of the country.

The PDP Additional Spokesperson said that these are tactics and a conspiracy against the country and suggested that the government should try to solve the problem by taking all parties into confidence and kick start a process of dialogue so that the country can prosper. (KNS).

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