'Deceit, Destruction and Drama is the contribution of the ‘Political Family Enterprises’ in J&K': Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

‘BJP in J&K is the a democratic reality’

‘BJP in J&K is the a democratic reality’

Bharatiya Janata Party senior leader and Party Spokesperson, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today attacked the political stand of National Conference, Congress and PDP of destroying J&K for seventy years. She was reacting to the statements of leaders of these political parties about their so-called immense contribution to the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

As per the statement issued to news agency-kashmir news service(KNS), Dr Andrabi said that from 1947, NC & Congress played every ‘hide and seek’ with the people of J&K for their power game.

“All the problems of J&K are created by them and nurtured by them for their personal gains,” said Dr Andrabi.

She said that PDP was the extension of congress and National Conference. “Agitations, agreements, resolutions, hand-shakes and then again agitations, this all have been their contribution for decades.

Their dwindling stands have created uncertain situations for seventy years and people have suffered beyond measure because of this political approach”, said BJP Spokesperson.

She said that this myopic-politics has forced us to face the long spell of bloodbath in J&K. “All profit-making bodies were turned into defunct entities. They destroyed our mineral production, we have thousands of sick industries, they failed SRTC, they ruined J&K Bank and the list is long.

” Dr Darakhshan said that PDP Chief’s statement about BJP’s entry into J&K was unfortunate and speaks volumes about the mindset of the shocked leader.

“It is shameful to say that entry of BJP into Kashmir is a religious issue. In democratic set up such a statement is not tolerable at all. This statement is bizarre, divisive and hateful. It indicates her autocratic mindset. She should tender her apology for such an irresponsible statement. BJP in J&K is a democratic reality,” said Dr Darakhshan.

She also slammed NC Chief for his autonomy rhetoric. “They played an autonomy card for their family-enterprises and it all got support from India's biggest political family enterprise congress. People of J&K only got deceit, destruction and drama from these family enterprises,” said Dr Andrabi.  

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