“Waseem Rizvi should be booked under Public Safety Act and arrested”:  Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

Andrabi spoke to Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and the concerned law enforcing agencies



                        Srinagar March 13:(KNS)   BJP Sokesperson and Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of Ministry of Minority Affairs Dr Darakhshan Andrabi has expressed her deep anguish over the blasphemous statements and acts of the criminal Waseem Rizvi and demanded that he should be booked under Public Safety Act so that such non-sense is stopped once for all. “His statements are blasphemous. According to statement to "Kashmir News Service" (KNS) reads, he is a criminal who wants to divert the public attention from his criminal cases by this dangerous and criminal out-pour. Quran is a divine book which teaches peace and brotherhood. Nobody has the authority or power to edit contents of the Holy book,” said BJP leader.

                      “Waseem Rizvi is under scanner of CBI for some severe criminal cases and he is using his dirty tactics to get respite from being convicted. Government should arrest him immediately and book him under PSA. This act is as dangerous as terrorism and India cannot tolerate any kind of religious blasphemy at all,” said Dr Andrabi.  She said that expression of speech and freedom has its own limits. Dr Andrabi said that faith is very sensitive and nobody can be allowed to enjoy the privileges of publicly expressing the personal insanity and mental disorder and create a law and order situation. “I have talked to the Minister of minority affairs Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi regarding the issue and later contacted concerned law-enforcing agencies and was assured that he will soon be booked,” said Dr Andrabi. She said that Supreme Court should immediately dismiss the plea submitted by this lunatic keeping in view the sentiments of crores of people within the country. She has appealed to the public to maintain calm and peace as taught by Quran and the great prophet Mohammad (pbuh).(KNS)

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