"Gaali” politics will lead Congress nowhere: Brig Gupta

Srinagar December 01 (KNS) :  The canvassing for recent elections in Gujarat has once again exposed the frustrated face of Congress wherein its leaders have repeatedly indulged in “Gaali” politics to downplay the groundswell for BJP which is increasing by the day. In the past also the Congress leadership had stooped low when they abused not only the political opponents but also the Indian Army Chief.

However, Congress has failed to learn its lesson even though the people’s mandate has repeatedly gone against the party not only at the Centre but in many states as well. The recent utterances of the newly elected Congress President Khadge clearly show the frustration among its leadership disappointed by the intensity of the BJP’s Gujarat campaign led by PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the Party President Jagat Nadda backed by scores of other leaders and hordes of dedicated workers

“Congress leadership is irked by the fact that BJP leadership top to bottom participates in all types of elections wholeheartedly wherein its own top leadership is choosy and selective. The recent incident of preferring a Yatra over the pressing need of campaigning in the Himachal elections is a classic example of the approach of top Congress leadership,” asserted Brig Anil Gupta (retd) Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release. 
What Khadge fails to realise is the fact that BJP leadership is seasoned leadership that has developed from the grassroots level and not para dropped or thrust as in the Congress. 
The BJP is a cadre-based party with a very elaborate finetuning between the cadre and its leadership. Unlike Congress, it is not elitist but always keeps its eyes and ears glued to the ground. For them, it is always Nation First, Party Next, and Self Last unlike the leadership of Khadge’s party for whom it is always Self and only Self First, Party and Nation are secondary to them, observed Brig Gupta. 
Khadge needs to change the working culture of his own party and insist on its elitist leadership to change their mindset rather than calling names to PM Modi, that too in his home state of Gujarat where people treat him as an icon. This will certainly boomerang and further sink the Congress ship leading to its worst-ever electoral performance in Gujarat, professed the spokesperson of BJP.(KNS) 

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