Vakil advocates immediate ban on Iranian Apple imports to safeguard J&K Fruit Industry

Sopore Nov 20 (KNS): J&K Peoples Conference Senior Vice President and former Minister, Abdul Gani Vakil, passionately appealed to the Government of India for an urgent and comprehensive prohibition on the import of Iranian apples. 

During his visit to several villages in Rafiabad and Sopore, including Warpora, Seer Jagir, Hadipora, and Reban, Vakil interacted with local fruit growers and voiced deep concern over the detrimental impact of the inflow of Iranian apples into the market.

Vakil highlighted the alarming situation caused by the rampant illegal import of Iranian apples, which poses a severe threat to the indigenous Kashmiri apple industry. Expressing grave apprehensions, he emphasized the industry's fragile state, having already weathered numerous challenges.

"The fruit industry has suffered setbacks on multiple occasions. Now, it's crucial to fortify the industry instead of adopting measures that could destabilize it further," stated Vakil.

Underlining the urgency of the matter, Vakil underscored the imperative need for an immediate ban on Iranian apple imports to avert the collapse of the industry and protect the livelihoods of thousands reliant on it. He urged the Government of India to acknowledge the industry's significance in providing sustenance to numerous households across the valley.

"The support and intervention of the Government of India are vital to safeguard the backbone of our economy—the fruit industry—from the peril of extinction. Allowing the unchecked inflow of foreign apples, especially from Iran, will be the final blow to this vital sector," Vakil asserted.

He emphasized that this call for intervention is an urgent plea to preserve the fruit industry, which stands as a cornerstone of Jammu and Kashmir's economic landscape.(KNS)

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