Srinagar Peaceful, No Presence of Terrorism: IG CRPF

Srinagar, Oct 03 (KNS): The Inspector General of CRPF (Srinagar Sector), Ajay Kumar Yadav, reiterated on Tuesday that Srinagar is a district characterized by peace and devoid of any militancy presence. 

His remarks came during a significant event – the flagging off of women CRPF bikers from Srinagar to Gujrat, symbolizing both the capabilities and the peaceful environment of the district.

During his address to reporters at this empowering event, IG Yadav highlighted the noteworthy contributions of women CRPF personnel in various operations. These operations encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from counter-insurgency endeavors to airport security, road opening parties (RoPs), and the crucial task of jail security. The IG emphasized that women have become integral participants in these sensitive operations, demonstrating their competence and dedication.

In response to a direct inquiry regarding the presence of terrorism in Srinagar, the IG CRPF swiftly dispelled any such notion. He pointed to the mega flagging off event that was occurring right in the heart of Srinagar. This event, marked by the energetic participation of women bikers embarking on a long journey, was evidence of the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in the district. IG Yadav's assertion was clear: "Where is terrorism? The district is peaceful. There can be no better peaceful atmosphere anywhere else."

Furthermore, IG Yadav provided an encouraging message to the women of Kashmir. When asked whether Kashmiri women could join the CRPF, he responded affirmatively, stating that Kashmiri women could indeed become a part of the force across various categories. This pronouncement opens up new opportunities for women in the region, emphasizing that they can contribute significantly to the security forces and the nation.(KNS)

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