Sheikh Imran visits Slain Inspector's Family to express condolence

Srinagar, Dec 10 (KNS): Former Deputy mayor Sheikh Imran visited the family of slain Inspector Masroor Ahmad who succumbed to his injuries after attacked by terrorists in Eidgah area of Srinagar last month.

"My colleagues and I didn't just visit to express condolences to Masroor's family; we offered solace to ourselves, recognizing that he could be my, your, or our son or brother," he said

"Masroor was akin to being my son and brother, your son and brother, and our son and brother," he said.

"This heartfelt tribute extends to every Kashmiri, rejecting the notion of living in shame," he added.

"We refuse to tolerate the loss of our children in such a manner and vow not to be silent bystanders. Together, we stand united and committed to fighting against terrorism," he added.(KNS)

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