Several chief ministers from Anantnag district remained busy with deceptive politics, emotional blackmailing: Altaf Bukhari

Apni Party holds workers' convention in Anantnag

Apni Party holds workers' convention in Anantnag

Says, When we will be mandated to serve, we will create adequate infrastructure at tourist places, employment opportunities, and power projects in Anantnag

In democracies, people have the right to choose their own representatives; J&K people should not be deprived of this right any further: Ghulam Hassan Mir

Srinagar, November 18 (KNS): Apni Party President, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, said on Saturday that several J&K chief ministers who belonged to Anantnag district remained busy with deceptive politics and emotional blackmailing, instead of focusing on the development of this district. He stated that if these chief ministers had focused on developing infrastructure at the tourist places in this district, it would have created plenty of job opportunities here.

Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari was addressing party’s district-level workers' convention in Anantnag today. The convention, held at Dak Bungalow, Khanabal, saw active participation from party functionaries and workers from across the district.

Addressing the gathering, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari expressed concern that the several chief ministers from the Anantnag district had not given the necessary attention to the development of the area, leading to a lack of progress and deprivation. He asserted that if Apni Party is given the mandate to serve the people, it will ensure comprehensive development.

He said, “We will prioritize the development of adequate infrastructure at tourist destinations in this district to create employment opportunities. Additionally, our focus will extend to the development of power projects, contributing to overall progress and job generation.”

Expressing his concern about the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir and said, “The people in Jammu and Kashmir are being subjected to unwarranted hardships imposed by the government. A large number of our youth are lodged in jails; those affiliated with various religious organizations are being harassed. The individuals aspiring for jobs and passports encounter obstacles as they are denied mandatory positive verification reports, and most of the youth are going through unemployment. These pressing concerns demand immediate attention and resolution, thus, I urge the centre to grant the rights to the people that they are entitled to, as per the constitution of the country.”

“The officials responsible for the unjust treatment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir must understand that, by doing so, they are not rendering a great service to the country; rather, they are doing a disservice. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are entitled to the same rights as those from any other place.”

 Lashing out at the traditional political parties, Apni Party President said that these parties are responsible for the prevailing situation that people of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering from. He said, “

These parties, especially the two family-based parties, have remained in power for years and decades, yet they have failed to create enough avenues for the economic empowerment of the people. On the other hand, the emotional sloganeering by these parties has created an unconducive environment here, which has eventually led to deaths and destruction here.”

He added, “These deceptive parties and their leaders kept people busy with emotional slogans like ‘Raishumari,’ ‘Autonomy,’ ‘Self-rule,' and so on. Although they neither had any authority nor the will to achieve any of these things, yet they kept people emotionally allured by these slogans solely for their own political dividends. Instead of focusing on the development that they could have undertaken while in power, they completely ignored it. Today, we lack infrastructure in every sector, including education and health. We do not have enough hospitals, nor do we have adequate infrastructure at tourist destinations such as Pahalgam, Verinag, Kokernag, Achabal, and other places. If these areas had been developed over the years, they could have provided employment to a large number of people today.”

Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari assured the people that the Apni Party, when mandated to serve, would ensure the economic empowerment of the people of J&K.

He stated, “I promise you that if the Apni Party is given the mandate to form a government here, we will explore the potential of our natural resources to create reliable avenues and build infrastructure, generating employment opportunities. We are committed to ensuring the economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Addressing the convention, the party’s senior vice president Ghulam Hassan Mir reiterated Apni Party’s call for holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir without any further delay. He said, “In democracies, people have the right to choose their own representatives to place them at the helm. We are the people of Jammu and Kashmir being denied their rights in India, which is the largest democracy in the world. I urge the centre to conduct the due assembly, panchayat, and municipal election here without any further delay. We should not be deprived of our right to choose our representatives.”

In his speech, the Party’s General Secretary, Rafi Ahmad Mir, reminded people of the deceptive politics of the National Conference (NC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), urging them not to trust these parties any further.

He stated, “You must recall how the NC sought votes in the parliamentary elections in 2019, by promising to protect Article 370 and 35A from being abrogated. However, when these articles were revoked, the party and its MPs remained silent about the issue. Similarly, remember how the PDP sought votes, pledging to prevent the BJP from making inroads in Jammu and Kashmir. Yet, when the election results came, the same party joined hands with the BJP. This time, do not fall prey to deceptive slogans and fake promises from these parties. Instead, use your vote wisely.”

While addressing the gathering, the Party’s Additional General Secretary, Hilal Ahmad Shah, expressed his gratitude to the people for strengthening the Apni Party with each passing day.

He said, “The way people join hands with us in every corner of Jammu and Kashmir indicates their trust in our unambiguous agenda and policies. I extend thanks to you for making the Apni Party stronger day by day, and I assure you that this party will never disappoint you.”

Besides Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Ghulam Hassan Mir, Rafi Ahmad Mir, and Hilal Ahmad Shah, the prominent party leaders who were present at the occasion included the party's Chief Coordinator Abdul Majeed Padder, District President Anantnag Abdul Rahim Rather, Provincial Secretary Nazir Ahmad Dyalgami, District Secretary Anantnag Tariq Ahmad Veeri, DDC and District Vice President Anantnag Abdul Hameed Chara, Constituency Incharge Doru, Bashir Ahmad Brahgami, Senior Worker Gowhar Hussain, Senior Worker Bilal Ahmad Nanda, Salman Infas, Senior Worker Abdul Kabir Bhat, Senior Worker Gul Mohammad Kohli, Senior Worker Abdul Hameed Bakhshi, Provincial Secretary Nana Jee Watal, BDC Bashir Ahmad Pathan, Senior Worker Mohammad Ashraf Bhat, Senior Worker Gowhar Ahmad Rather, Senior Worker Mohammad Saleem Shah, Senior Worker Muzamil Sofi, and others.(KNS)

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