Renzushah at Batmaloo Shrine released Dr Iqbal's message document  advising adherence to Aitqaad  for spritual blessing to Kashmir

Srinagar 8 (KNS):Khwaja Farooq Renzushah Chairman jamaat Aitqaad today visited holy Shrine of Hazrat Dawood Reshi Batmaloo Sahib and paid his spritual respect to great Reshi saint of kashmir who is directly connected with Sheikh ul Aalam .

As per the statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS),he said that in his capacity as DC budgam on Reshi Front ,he had honour to keep name of Srinagar Budgam Airport as Sheikh ul Aalam Airport and rebuild Khankah Panah at Chrar e Sharief  which had turned in to mountain of Ashes along entire Hanafi literary books since 1995 to 2007.

However with full support of majority of Hanafi Sufi Aitqaadies of kashmir he succeeded in ensuring Eid Nimaaz in khankah panah Chrar Sharief .He said Communist and radicals were annoyed with him for naming Shykh ul Alam  Airport in his capacity as Dc  therefore they removed the Sign boards from Airport .

Some political leaders openly opposed it and emphasised for Indra Gandhi name for Srinagar Airport on style of Nehru College for S.P.College and Women's College but being strong devotee of Hanafi Aitqaad Communist lobby was not allowed to realize their anti Aitqaad ideologies .At present Renzushah Complimented present Civil Aviation administration for reviving the Sufi Aitqaad name of Airport as Shykh ul Aalam Airport back

Renzushah on this occassion released the Precious letter of Dr.Sir Mohammad Iqbal addressed to Mahjoor , which is spritual message to people of kashmir at present also where he Advise people of kashmir to hold back their Aqeedah .

He had expressed his dismay on destruction of Precious spritual literature in kashmir .He has promised people of kashmir that their Taqdeer (Fate)/will turn for good if they adhere to Aitqaad .Dr.iqbal was great Hanafi and himself attending Sufi Shrines .

He was believer of Hazrat Bulbulshah,Shah Hamdan,Mahboob Aalam ,Shykh ul Alam ,R Batmaloo Sahib, Rahim Sahib Safapuri ,Siraj ul Eimaan , Azam Sahib  and thousands of Sufi Awaliyas of kashmir .

Renzushah emphasised for  Rivival of Jehlum Civilization like Mesopotamian ,Naiel and Sindh civilizations to resist faithless and Maoism,communism &  Gair  Aitqaad.He said it is matter of shame that in spite of having batteries of Officers in Cultural Academy ,the holy turban of Mahjoor was allowed to be stolen by UT Delhi.Musium where it is traceable .Besides that the spritual Books of Mahboob Aalam.

Books on Siraj ul Eimaan whose 700 hundred kanals of land has been re named with lusty non kashmiri jewish name of Tu lip rather than its original Gul e Lala name .Holy shrines around Azam Sahib bouldozed to create Royal Golf Spring .72 Lakh Sufi Hanafi books destroyed through arson and mysterious burnings same way as Halaqou khan destroyed Abu Hanifa Library of Bhagdad in 1258Ce .

Renzushah said kashmir is name of Civilization and its 5k years history shall not be allowed to be erased by faithless non Aitqaadies ,Communists and Maoist .

He said as Commissioner Srinagar Muncipality  he named Front Gate as Shykh ul Aalam Darwaza and established Various marriage Halls in Sufi Hanafi Aitqaadi name but Leftist oriented Commissioner who took over in 2011 removed all sufi names from Marriage Halls and renamed them as Communist or Community centers with out prefixing names of our Sufi Awaliyas .

He said In name of Batmaloo Sahib first Airbase was established in Chandmari near Batmaloo sahib but Communist regimes destroyed original Batmaloo sahib culture .The Batmaloo Sahib Heritage Turkish style bridge was dismantled and Anti shrine sprite were introduced .He recalled Jenab Jallal ud din Sahib of Batmaloo  strong devotee of Hazrat Dawood Reshi was fired same way as firings was engineered by high profile  persons in Sarai bal area near Dastageer sahib same year 2011.

Renzushah said Communist terror led to high jacking and destruction  of Precious spritual material from kashmir  & transfer to Delhi UT Musium. He said FIR against Kejriwal  Delhi CM can lead bacj to transfer of Mahjoor's Holy Turban ,Mahboob Aalam's books and Books on Siraj ul Eimaan back to kashmir and find out how these heritage spritual items reached to Delhi UT Musium .

The removal of Sufi iconic names from Community centers need to be reversed same way as Shykh ul Aalam Airport name has been revived .The Civil secretariate near Batmaloo sahib deserves to be named in name of this Great Sufi saint who revolutionized kashmir during his period.(KNS)

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