PHDCCI Kashmir Chairman Meets JK Bank CEO for Economic Development Talks

 Srinagar, Nov 19(KNS): The PHD Chamber of Commerce  & Industries Kashmir  Chairman Mr A P Vicky Shaw  and Co-chair  Mr Himayu wani  had a highly constructive meeting with  Shri Baldev Prakash Managing Director & CEO of the J&K  Bank Ltd .

The meeting, was focused on several key issues pertaining to the economic development of the region, particularly in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

During the meeting, the PHDCCI Chairman felicitated the CMD of the J&K Bank  and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss pressing matters of mutual interest. The Chairman highlighted various concerns, including the need for an liberal and effective One-Time Settlement (OTS) Scheme, competitive interest rates for borrowers, the establishment of dedicated Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business units, and the importance of fostering a corporate culture that prioritizes customer care, especially in rural areas.

The MD  of the JK Bank  attentively listened to the concerns raised by the PHDCCI Kashmir Chairman and assured a judicious assessment of each issue. Furthermore, the Baldev Prakash  expressed a commitment to maintaining close consultation with the PHDCCI for the development of financial discipline among entrepreneurs, traders, and businesses in Jammu and Kashmir.

The PHDCCI  Chairman appreciated the positive response from the MD  and expressed optimism for a fruitful collaboration between the PHDCCI  and the J&K Bank . The Chairman emphasized the significance of such partnerships in driving economic growth, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a conducive business environment in the region.

Both parties agreed that fostering strong relationships between financial institutions and business organizations is crucial for the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to work towards the collective goal of empowering local entrepreneurs, encouraging innovation, and ensuring sustainable economic growth.(KNS).

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