PAGD just an eyewash for the people of Jammu and Kashmir: JKPM

Srinagar July 6 (KNS) : Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement General Secretary Javid Ahmad said in a press release that PAGD is just an eyewash for the people of J&K as NC and PDP are not having any roadmap to fight for the restoration of 370 and 35A as.

Javid Ahmad said that PAGD is not showing any Seriousness on the principles for which PAGD was formed on August 4th 2019 instead of focus on basic agenda of PAGD the are only focusing on elections as they are doing public rallies only and using PAGD as tool in their Public conventions.
Javid Ahmad said that PAGD in 2020 formed a white paper committee to prepare a white paper and JKPM nominated Dr M Hussain as White Paper committee Member it is very unfortunate that that our ex minister's having no idea how to prepare it and Dr Hussain Senior Vice President JKPM Worked on it tirelessly and finally prepared white paper for PAGD as no one from PAGD allies dare to prepare the same, but unfortunately some imp points were removed form prepared White paper by PAGD apex body as it was mentioned there all about our former PM's as well as CM's of J&K.
NC, PDP, proved in DDC elections as they are still lust of power NC's and PDP's proxy candidates contested against PAGD candidates, As JKPM noticed in DDC elections.NC and PDP are using other small parties which are allies of PAGD for their vested and political interests, NC and PDP are internally in contact with BJP. 
JKPM General Secretary Javid Ahmad further said NC and PDP are fully responsible for the prevailing situations and the Abrogation of 370 and 35A and now they are using PAGD as a political tool to reach out to the people across J&K. 
JKPM General Secretary requested People of Jammu and Kashmir not to believe or come under the trap of Emotions of NC and PDP as they are doing politics on the name of PAGD and befooling people onec again for their political and vested interests and one side they are in PAGD alliance and on other side they are blaming each other for the prevailing circumstances of Jammu and Kashmir and since the formation of PAGD no steps taken by PAGD to approach centre Govt, President of India and Supreme Court of India regarding the restoration of 370 and 35A, it is just a drama to reach out to the people and to gain their faith.(KNS) 

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