Monday, May 25, 2015
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APHC (M) reacts Salman Khurshid

Kashmir was internationally recognized dispute

Srinagar, June 29: The APHC has denounced the recent statement of India’s External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid terming it contrary to the historical realities of Kashmir issue and an open expression of continuation of its (India) traditional obduracy based on unrealistic policy.
The conglomerate in its statement pointed towards the India’s double standards over the Kashmir issue. It said on one hand the Indian dispensation talks of initiating negotiations with Pakistan to solve the Kashmir issue while on the other it issues statements whereby it terms Kashmir as their internal issue.
The spokesman said the statement Indian external affairs minister was an effort to brush aside the bitter political realties associated with the Kashmir issue. He said that Khurshid should know that Kashmir was an internationally recognized dispute. He said UN considers it as a dispute and has passed several resolutions in this regard. He said as such the Indian minister’s statements that Kashmir problem was their internal issue does not hold any significant bearing on the dispute, adding, the dialogue between India and Pakistan from past seven decades itself testifies that Kashmir was an international dispute.
The party said that India should shun its stubbornness and forcible occupation of Kashmir through military might, and instead take bold steps to solve the Kashmir issue according to the wishes and aspirations of the people. It said this would bring Indian people out of the uncertainty and promise them and crores of others living in South Asia of peaceful and prosperous future.
The spokesperson said it would be better that if Indian leaders would desist from issuing unrealistic statements and focus on how to start a meaningful dialogue between the stake holders to solve the Kashmir problem for once and all.
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