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Safeguarding lives not a priority for PDP-BJP Govt: YNC

Disenchantment among youth growing with each passing day: Tanvir


Kupwara, Jan 11 (KNS): Youth National Conference on Thursday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government over the spate of unabated civilian killings in the Valley and said the Government had abdicated its responsibility to prevent loss of lives and was responsible for pushing the State back into the throes of turmoil and instability.
Addressing a well-attended Youth Convention at Kupwara on Wednesday, YNC Provincial Preident Salman Ali Sagar said the State Government should take recently issues threats to Panchayat Candidates very seriously and understand the repercussions of yet another potential misstep that could further aggravate the situation in the Valley. “The recently issued threats to Panchayat candidates and former representatives is a matter of grave concern and sadly the PDP-BJP Government has failed to create a conducive and enabling atmosphere in the State. The past three years have seen a shocking deterioration of the law and order situation in Kashmir and the Chief Minister has precious little to offer beyond her customary condolences and press statements which indicate her severe disconnect from the ground reality and her patent lack of empathy for the people. Immediate steps should be taken to protect the lives of the people and to prevent the loss of innocent lives – this is the first and foremost responsibility of the State Government”, Salman Ali Sagar said.
Addressing the Youth Convention at Kupwara, Political Secretary to Working President Tanvir Sadiq said disenchantment and disillusionment among the youth was growing by each passing day as PDP had broken every single ideological, political and governance related promise made by the party while seeking votes before the 2014 Assembly Elections. “The ideological U-turns of PDP have been a major factor in pushing the youth of the Valley into a corner. Promises made to them in 2014 turned out to be cruel jokes. While votes were sought by the PDP President and present Chief Minister to stop the march of BJP into the State, her party wasted no time in warming up to the BJP and the RSS as soon as the elections were over. PDP and BJP had a pre-meditated arrangement to exploit the sentiments of the people in Kashmir and Jammu respectively and were always headed towards forging an alliance. The effect of this enormous betrayal with the people of Kashmir, especially the youth, is now for all of us to see. The same young men me who were lured to support the PDP, especially in South Kashmir, are now taking the path of the gun. Mehbooba Mufti is personally responsible for this mess – her theatrics have brought the State back to the turmoil that we witnessed in the early 90s”, Tanvir Sadiq said while addressing the gathering.
Prior to the Youth Convention in Kupwara, Youth National Conference organized a series of successful conventions in Baramulla, Anantnag, Budgam and various other districts. YNC Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar congratulated the YNC Kupwara District President Zahid Mughal and the entire YNC Provincial Team and District Committee Kupwara for the successful convention in Kupwara and said YNC would continue with the District Youth Conventions in all Districts. “It is encouraging to see a steady stream of young men joining the party and aspiring to be a part of Jenab Omar Abdullah’s mission to restore the State’s dignity and honour and YNC will continue to reach out to all those who want to be a part of this dream”, Salman Ali Sagar further said.
The YNC District Convention was also attended by Senior YNC Office Bearers including Vice President Ahsan Pardesi, Advocate Jahangir Wani, Mudassir Shahmiri, Danish Bhat, Zahid Mughal, Sameer Iqbal Bhat and Khalid Rathore. (KNS)