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JKHCBA protests against Kashmir’s ‘grim situation’

Writes to UN Secretary General, Presidents of India, Pakistan


Srinagar, Feb 03 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) Saturday staged protest against what they termed as the fresh escalation in State Terrorism across the State of J&K and the continued war-like situation on ceasefire line.
According to the statement issued to KNS, the JKHCBA members expressed concern over the current situation in Kashmir.
The lawyers assembled inside the premises of Lower Court and chanted slogans against the current deteriorating situation in Kashmir.
General Secretary, Advocate G. N. Shaheen said that “the armed forces have leashed a reign of terror across the State, especially in South Kashmir’s Shopian where Army troopers without any provocation or reasonable cause fired upon the innocent people, killing half a dozen young boys and injured dozens.
While condemning the killings of five young boys namely Musharraf Shahzad a ten-year-old, Rayees Ahmad Ganai, Shakir Ahmad Mir, Firdous Ahmad and Sameer Ahmad, he demanded immediate arrest of the involved troopers for being prosecuted and punished under law.
“It is a matter of concern among others, two teen age girls namely Sumaiya and Sabreena are battling for life. Day in and day out, the armed forces enforce CASOs in villages and assault innocent people besides subjecting the residents to inhuman treatment,” Shaheen said, adding that the human rights violations are at its ‘worst web at the hands of the occupied forces’.
He said that the institutional justice is denied to the people as such the people of J&K are forced to come out in peaceful protests against the atrocities, state repression aimed at genocide of the Kashmiris. “Today, the lawyers protest is directed against the innocent killings and abuse of basic rights of the people of J&K. The killings, abuse of basic rights and torture in crackdowns is unacceptable and condemned in strongest terms,” he said.
The Bar Association demanded justice for the people and appealed international community to intervene and call upon the Indian Govt to stop the bloodshed and genocide of Kashmiris. “The situation in Kashmir is grave and alarming, which is likely to lead a major human tragedy worse than Palestine and Syria,” JKHCBA said.
They said that prevailing situation in the Valley demands a collective response from all walks of the people in J&K to force the occupational authorities to respect the basic rights of the people of J&K and seek peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of people.
The Bar Association called upon India and Pakistan to resume the composite dialogue to address the Kashmir issue and take people of J&K in confidence. “The international community especially the United Nations Organisation has a moral, political and diplomatic responsibility to intervene to address the human tragedy in J&K,” they said, appealing the United Nations Organisation for immediate intervention.
In its appeal, the Bar said that UN intervention is emphatically imperative to prevent further escalation of the armed conflict in South Asia and to call upon India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means and UN backed dialogue process
Following is the letter sent to the UN Secretary General, President of Pakistan and President of India.
“Historic country INDIA is one of the ancient civilization love to believe in fiction rather than in realty. The truth is Kashmir issue is on UN agenda since 1st January, 1948 brought before the World Forum by India itself. Both India and Pakistan are committed to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means by conducting free, fair and impartial plebiscite in terms of the UNSCIP Resolutions which dream is yet to realise because of rigidity and denial by India to honour its own promises and pledges on the contentious Kashmir issue leading the South Asia in repeated armed conflicts. Indo-Pak borders are on fire even today and armed conflict seems escalating with every passing moment and the people of Jammu and Kashmir are the worst victims. Indian efforts to hold the occupation in J&K by militarization and armed might has given rise to a major human tragedy, as inside Kashmir death and destruction is a daily phenomenon,” the letter reads.
“In the given scenario, UN intervention is emphatically imperative to prevent further escalation of the armed conflict in South Asia and to call upon India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means and UN backed dialogue process. Your offer of mediation is a welcome announcement but the situation demands a proactive role of the August World Body,” it added.
“When India is celebrating its 69th Republic Day, Kashmiris are denied the basic human rights and fundamental guarantees. Entire J&K is converted into a battle ground and people trampled with all impurities and indignities of life. The democratic noise in India is a fiction rather than a voice of democracy. We the people of Jammu and Kashmir appeal your Excellency to intervene and call upon India and Pakistan to honour their commitments on Kashmir issue and resolve it in accordance with the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions on J&K and respect the basic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” the Bar letter reads.
“Further it is appealed that the International Human Rights Organisation like Amnesty International, Asia Watch and other human rights organisation of the world be allowed access to Kashmir to verify the facts about the Kashmir situation and fix the liability,” they appealed. (KNS)

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