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G H Mir seeks resumption of non-official dialogue between two sides of J&K

“Hostility must end”


Jammu, Nov 09 (KNS): Jammu Kashmir Democratic Party Nationalist president Ghulam Hassan Mir on Friday welcomed the Indian participation at the Afghan peace dialogue in Moscow at non-official level, and urged the Central Government to allow this type of dialogue between the peoples on the both sides of the LoC of Jammu and Kashmir.
He said that non-official dialogue should also be re-started between the peoples of India and Pakistan. This, he, stated in a statement here today would bolster the interest of peace and stability in the region.
In a statement issued to KNS, Mir, who also is a former minister, said t the Government of India should revisit the gains accrued during such contacts between the two sides of Jammu and Kashmir and the two countries in the past. “There was an environment of hope and positivity. “The efforts should be made to regain the same.”
In the past the stakeholders from both the sides had exchanged their views and built an atmosphere in which hope and positivity came out as the outstanding feature. “Today, again there is a need to breathe the fresh air in the non-official contacts that were snapped because of the hostile situation. The hostility must end,” he said.
“The Government of India should immediate steps to restart the frozen process. “ It will serve interest of peace and stability in the region that is at the moment afflicted by the hostilities and resultant uncertainties.”
Referring to the Centre’s keen interest in supporting all efforts at peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan that will unity and plurality, and bring security, stability, and prosperity to the country, and the announcement that India’s participation would be at the non-official level, Mir said that this stand of the Government of India re-opens renewed opportunities to restart the non-official dialogue with the neighboring country. He was recalling the hope that tempered when the unofficial Indo-Pakistan dialogue triggered hope in the region.
“I believe this is the most opportune time to do so,” Mir said. (KNS)