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Exemplary boycott of recent municipal elections frustrated India: Yasin Malik

JKLF stage protest at Bund Srinagar, Sarai-Bala and Budshah Chowk


Srinagar, Nov 09 (KNS): Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that exemplary boycott of recent municipal elections has frustrated India and recent upsurge in oppression across the valley is ‘a manifestation of this frustration’.
“Elections under occupation have delayed the resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue and it is our national duty to remain aloof from this process,” Malik as per a statement issued to KNS said while addressing a gathering at ‘Masjid Bilal The bund’ today.
Terming the ongoing oppression across the valley especially in southern, northern and central districts as ‘worst Hitlerism in the garb of democracy’, Malik said that recent exemplary boycott of municipal elections by the people of Kashmir has ‘frustrated India and recent upsurge in oppression across the nooks and corners of Kashmir is a manifestation of this frustration’.
“It is our firm belief that election held under occupation are detrimental to the interests of Jammu Kashmir and it is this process which has always strengthen the hands of illegal Indian occupation here,” he said.
Malik said that “it is these elections that have delayed the resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue and hence it is our national duty to always stay aloof from this harmful process.”
“Now, a new argument is being put forth by some dubious people that our boycott is bringing in BJP to Kashmir and hence we should not do it. Same argument was propagated in 2014 to lure people for voting,” he said, adding that “we want to tell people who are trying to mislead people through this deceit that it does not matter for a nation striving for its freedom that who is in charge of the oppression and tyranny as the duty of freedom seeking nation is only to keep treading the path of resistance against illegal occupation.”
“Governor of J&K who terms himself as a political person is actually acting like a viceroy is boasting about finishing a 72 year internationally recognized issue by promoting cinema, Football and cricket matches,” he said, adding that “on one hand he is trying to demonstrate deceitful serenity but on the other hand he and his cabinet that have given a free hand to colonial blood thirsty forces to kill, maim, arrest and injure Kashmiris at will which shows his bias and enmity towards the people of Jammu Kashmir.”
Malik said that by issuing ridiculous and naive statements, Governor can achieve nothing but is making himself a political joker.
Referring to yesterdays attack on common people at Warpora Ganderbal where many young and old were arrested by ‘terrorists in uniform and subjected to heinous and inhuman torture’, Malik said that “terrorists in uniform pulled and even tried to set ablaze white beards of elders besides pulling them, made young to drink kerosene and petrol and after hours of severe torture threw these people on road in a unconscious state.”
“This kind of torture and torment has become a routine in southern, northern and central districts of Kashmir and Indian colonial authorities have given a free hand to its forces to suppress the democratic voices of Kashmiris with iron fist,” he said.
“People of Jammu Kashmir who are seeking their birth right of freedom and self-determination have not been and can never be cowed down by this Hitlerism in the garb of democracy and it is our firm resolve to remain steadfast and resist this colonial mindset and ugly oppression till the achievement of the desired goal,” he said.
Meanwhile, JKLF leaders and activists staged protests at Sarai-bala and Budshah Chowk against ‘ongoing Indian aggression and oppression across the Valley’.
Leaders and activists of Jammu Kashmir today gathered at Sarai-bala Srinagar and Maisuma Lal chowk today and staged protest against ‘ongoing oppression unleashed by Indian colonial forces across the valley’.
JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal along with Zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Ashraf Bin Salam along with scores of activists and people from many walks of life gathered outside Masjid Iqra and staged a peaceful protest there.
JKLF leader Noor Muhammad Kalwal addressed people and condemned the ongoing oppression.
JKLF leaders and activists including vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, General secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Sideeq Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad khan, professor Javed, Muhammad Hanif Dar and others gathered near Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk and staged a peaceful protest against unabated Indian aggression across the valley. The protest was addressed Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi and others. (KNS)