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BJP welcomes PM Modi, King Abdullah’s statement

'Our Govt is committed to restore peace, dignity in JK'


Srinagar, Feb 01 (KNS): Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday welcomed the assertion of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jordan’s King Abdullah-II that “fight against terror is not fight against Islam.”
In a statement to KNS, BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that fight against terrorism is not fight against Islam or any other religion, but against those who misguide the innocent youth.”
Jehangir said, “Our government is committed to restore peace and dignity in Jammu and Kashmir. All the efforts are being put to get misguided youth back into the national mainstream.”
The BJP spokesman said that Prime Minister Modi’s statement is an eye opener for the people who leave no stone unturned to communalize the situation and try to pit one community against another.
“Entire world is supporting PM Modi’s stand against terrorism. His clear stand on terrorism has brought all the likeminded nations on one platform and everyone is supporting him,” Jehangir said.
He said, “Prime Minister’s clear cut policy against terrorism has isolated Pakistan and the neighbouring country is grappling for space. Even the saner voices in Pakistan are covertly supporting the policies of the Prime Minister Modi.”
The BJP spokesman said that no religion preaches hatred and violence. “All religions preach tolerance and Jammu and Kashmir has always remained as an abode of tolerance,” he added.
Referring to the statement of Jordan’s King Abdullah-II that ''Islam is not about radicalization and humanity unites all religions,” Jehangir said, “His (King Abdullah’s) statement is a slap on the face of such people who are linking radicalization with Islam and are misleading the people.”
He said, “In Jammu and Kashmir a few people are working overtime to push youth towards picking up arms on the name of religion. They are the real culprits and should be dealt with sternly.” (KNS)