Masoodi slams administration for unprecedented power crisis in Kashmir

Asks GOI to allocate additional quota of electricity to Kashmir to meet swelling requirement of consumers during ongoing winters

Asks GOI to allocate additional quota of electricity to Kashmir to meet swelling requirement of consumers during ongoing winters

Srinagar  Nov 17 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Member of the Parliament from Anantnag Justice (Retd) Hasnain Masoodi Friday expressed dismay over the unprecedented power crisis across Kashmir. 

Echoing the woes of consumers facing the heat of the unscheduled power outages & unscheduled cuts, Masoodi said that at a time when Kashmir is reeling under cold temperatures it was sad to relate that the availability of electricity had plummeted at this juncture, when it was required the most. 

“The situation has become unprecedented. Administration has failed to streamline the power supply and ensure optimum electricity availability to consumers. The situation this year with regards to power supply is much worse,” Masoodi said.

“The electricity demand in Kashmir is 2500 MW but only 1600 MW is being made available to the region,” Masoodi said adding, “Ideally the availability of electricity should increase during winter months to meet the rising demand. I impress upon the concerned ministry to address the needs of the consumers by enduring optimum electricity for the region by locally streamlining and regulating the electricity supply. More so additional electricity should be allocated from the unallocated quota of Central Generating Stations of Northern Region Pool to Kashmir to meet the swelling requirements during the ongoing harsh winters.”

Meanwhile Party's North, South & Central Zone Presidents Javed Dar, Syed Tauqeer Ahmad, and Ali Muhammad Dar have also lamented the administration for remaining shockingly unperturbed by the predicaments of people in wake of the worst ever power crises in Kashmir.

“Such a crisis has never been witnessed in the last three decades. On one hand, the incumbent LG administration has whimsically and high-handedly increased power tariffs and renewed old agreements. Tariff is also extracted forcefully notwithstanding the poor financial conditions of consumers, unfortunately the consumers have been left high and dry. The power supply in certain areas does not even last long enough to charge mobile phones and inverters. The crisis has impacted the daily lives of people besides impacting the critical health care facilities in hospitals” they said.

Asking the government to wake from its slumber, the Zone Presidents also demanded tangible steps from the government to redress the issue before it upsets local agriculture, tourism, and other public utility services.(KNS)

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