Kashmiris don’t have any enmity with India or its citizens: Muzaffar Shah

Says resentment is against draconian policies of Central Government

Says resentment is against draconian policies of Central Government

Srinagar, Oct 14 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Awami National Conference senior vice-president, Muzaffar Shah on Thursday said that the people of the valley don’t have any enmity with the country or its citizens.

As per Kashmir News Service (KNS) correspondent, addressing the media at the party headquarters in Srinagar, he said that the problem lies in the draconian laws and policies, which are being imposed by the Central Government on the people of the valley.

Shah stated that the recent minority killings are highly condemnable and all these killings have been condemned by every citizen of Kashmir.

“Kashmiri society doesn’t support innocent killings in any way. But it is a fact that in recent days 21 members from the majority community have also been killed. No one is spared here, be it be minorities or majorities.”

He said that the people of the country who as a majority community are residing outside the valley should also talk about the brutal killings of innocent Muslims of Kashmir. “They should not only raise their voice against minorities’ killings but also for the killings of majority community of Kashmir.”

Shah said that the people of the valley have put their tremendous efforts to not let any bad elements to repeat the conflicts of early 90’s. “But unfortunately, a series of random arrests are being carried out under the guise of repeat of 90’s like situation in the valley,” he said.

He said that more than thousand people including children, youth and elderly persons are being arrested on mere suspicion of being involved in militancy.

Criticizing the random arrests, Shah said that if all these operations are based on human intelligence inputs then why was the government silent till now. “Why didn’t the administration take action before the killings of minorities. What is the reason to carry out such measures in the aftermath of minority killings?,” he asked.

“Unfortunately the BJP government has adopted absolutely stringent measures in the valley. Tough actions, thrashing people, harassment on roads, random frisking are being defended in the name of security reasons. There has to be a limit to every security reason,” he said.

He said that the people of the valley are being oppressed with the help of power and at gun point. “The rights of the people are being downgraded. There is a system of autocracy in the entire valley. Thrashing youth, random arrests, banning religious gatherings, closing mosques, won’t win the hearts of a common man of Kashmir.”

He said that the government of India should change their policies towards the people of the valley so that an equilibrium of efforts should be maintained. (KNS)

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